Guangdong province special teacher Meng Lei: educating people by heart, empowering students to develop, promoting teaching by research, expanding cultivation approaches

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Meng Lei, art teacher of Haidong Middle School of Zhanjiang No. 2 Middle School, is a senior art educator with 30 years of teaching experience.In the past 30 years, he has devoted a great deal of effort to the education cause and the development of students. When serving as the college entrance examination technical guidance of art specialty class, he adopts different methods according to the characteristics of each student, and keeps following and guiding them, so that their character and study can be well developed.In the classroom teaching reform, he continued to explore, promote and improve the curriculum reform, the school education effect has been significantly improved, the professional growth of teachers in various disciplines, ability has been improved.In 2021, Meng was awarded the Special Grade Teacher of Guangdong Province for his outstanding teaching.Mr. Meng Lei teaches fine arts teaching in senior high school. From 1996 to now, he has been serving as the art special master’s college entrance examination guidance work, assisting the head teacher in class management, and is worthy of the name of the deputy head teacher.The average number of art students is about 20 per year, and about 80 percent of them have a weak cultural foundation.According to the characteristics of each student, he consistently tracks and instructs students to make them grow and improve in the gradual transformation.Fu in the class of 2004 was prone to complacency and stubbornness. Meng Lei set higher and farther goals for her based on her persistent character and kept her confident through constant stimulation and target encouragement. Finally, she was admitted to South China Normal University.Xu, a student in the class of 2005, had a mild personality and was a procrastinator. Meng Lei took the time-limited training method to solve his procrastination habit and kept a moderately tense study state. Finally, he was admitted to Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.In the process of teaching and educating people, according to the needs of school education work, Meng Lei teacher opened art college entrance examination elective courses in high school, so far the cycle of art college entrance examination curriculum teaching for four sessions.Under the premise of not affecting students’ cultural learning, the elective courses of art in the college entrance examination will be guided by the self-study time every Wednesday afternoon, so as to make the bi-directional balanced development of students’ culture and art.The teaching results of the elective courses of the college entrance examination of fine arts he led improved year by year, making important contributions to the on-line rate of the college entrance examination of the school. Haidong Middle School of Zhanjiang No. 2 Middle School has been rated as the standard unit of the college entrance examination of Zhanjiang city for six consecutive years.As a veteran teacher with 30 years of teaching experience, Meng Lei knows that the pace of teaching reform cannot be stopped. He served as the deputy director of the school’s teaching and Research Office from 2014 to 2018, in charge of comprehensively promoting the school’s “three types and five steps” ecological classroom teaching reform and exploring the development direction of classroom reform.After hard exploration, with the continuous improvement of the curriculum reform, the school’s education effect has been significantly improved, and it has been awarded as the Advanced unit of the College Entrance examination in Zhanjiang city for many consecutive years.From 2017 to 2020, 249 teachers won prizes in various national, provincial and municipal competitions.Ms. Huang Yaling won the first prize in the 4th National Foreign Language Teacher Teaching Example Competition.In 2017, 6 students won the first prize and 5 students won the first prize in zhanjiang Middle School Efficient Classroom Teaching Competition…In the process of promoting classroom teaching reform and supervising the course reform, Meng Lei has been thinking about how to make the teaching of fine arts more competitive, and achieved good results in the exploration. In 2015, he applied and presided over the project of Guangdong Education Research Institute, which was concluded in 2017.In 2018, I applied for and presided over the small project of Guangdong Education Association, which was concluded in 2020.In 2016, AS the second participant, I participated in the special project of Training millions of talents in Guangdong Province, which was concluded in 2019.He has compiled a series of featured school-based art course textbooks, such as Introduction to Printmaking, Introduction to Calligraphy, Introduction to Seal Engraving, Introduction to Micro Carving, Introduction to Leaf Carving, Hemp rope Weaving, Light clay Making, etc.In order to cooperate with the curriculum reform, he independently compiled “Haidong Middle School Curriculum Reform Teacher operation Manual”, “Haidong Middle School curriculum Reform Classroom Use Manual”, “Curriculum reform System compilation” and other curriculum reform materials, many teaching papers published in well-known domestic newspapers.His scientific research achievements have won the third prize in the evaluation of school-based curriculum construction achievements of primary and secondary schools in Guangdong Province and the third prize in the evaluation of the Second Characteristic School construction Achievements of Guangdong Province.Written papers and teaching cases respectively won third prize of teaching case comparison of guangdong province, the new media information technology teaching application won third prize, first prize in the national primary and secondary school teachers of fine arts art academic works, the third art education papers report the first prize in guangdong province, guangdong province education thesis innovation competition second prize.With the development of new curriculum standard, new teaching materials and new college entrance examination, higher requirements are put forward for teachers’ educational theory, personal accomplishment and educational concept.In the teaching work, Meng Lei said, will continue to be based on teaching practice, adhere to the concept of “paying equal attention to education and skills”, adhere to the “to provide quality research direction, from more dimension to explore different arts practice effect of aesthetic education in school curriculum, developing more efficient new approach of cultivating students’ artistic comprehensive ability.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: