Comments on “National Finance Basic Chemical Industry” : The dual carbon policy is slightly eased, and the control of coal use is gradually trending

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Industry Review:Double carbon policy eased a little, coal control basic chemical industry gradually incline to reasonable of the research Chen Yi n team event on February 7, the ministry of development and reform commission and the ecological environment jointly issued “the guidance” to promote the development of high quality iron and steel industry, compared with the previous draft, “guidance” has made several changes,The peak carbon target for the steel industry falls to 2030.The iron and steel industry is the representative of the key industry with high energy consumption. The change of policy shows that the dual carbon pipe control in the industry gradually tends to be reasonable and orderly. Compared with the change of the previous draft for comments, the formulation and implementation of the dual carbon policy is expected to be eased.Although only released the guidance for the iron and steel industry, but in the steel industry is an important energy industry in our country, is one of the important areas, double tubes accused the opinion guidance than in December 2020, a draft of a marked change, on the carbon reaches the peak time with delay, delayed compared to 2030 in the previous five years,At the same time, quantitative targets for segmentation direction have also been modified to a certain extent. From the perspective of the overall direction, high-quality development of the industry is still the core line, but the implementation is more slow, and the possibility of landing is higher.To a certain extent, compared with one year ago, policy formulation and implementation are more relaxed. After one year of policy implementation, dual carbon pipe control needs to ensure orderly development of the industry while achieving its goals.N Superimposed on the previous Central Economic Work Conference and General Secretary Xi’s speech, the dual carbon tube control policy is still the main line, but the pace and intensity will be significantly adjusted, on the basis of reasonable development to ensure that the pattern optimization will be the basis of policy implementation in many industries this year.Double carbon controls energy consumption of last year, for the influence of some industry is opposite bigger, in manufacturing, most industry production more or less influenced by some, particularly in parts of the due to a serious shortage of supply policy limit of out of stock prices, has certain influence on the industrial chain and orderly development, and after many policy action,Carbon neutral policy gradually from control energy consumption, coal index to more reasonable and effective control of carbon emissions controls to shift, prompting many niche business can gradually more effectively and more targeted optimization of carbon emissions, but also avoided because of the high quality project approval hard landing, one size fits all quality companies is difficult to the dilemma of development.N Henan province took the lead in issuing policies to implement the development of coal indicators. Many provinces are expected to be implemented one after another. Leading enterprises and green energy enterprises are expected to concentrate their profits.For the central economic conference focuses on new and renewable energy and raw material can not included in the total energy consumption control related issues, henan has on January 21 issued “about strengthening energy consumption and index of coal security notice in support of major projects, to shift control from the total control to the strength of lower energy consumption,And each year is a year of new renewable energy power is not included in the total energy consumption control, superposition of the raw material can not included in the total energy consumption control, in view of the high quality project, renewable energy supply provided the space of energy consumption, raw material can not be examination limit and high quality enterprise, advantages of the project is expected to obtain sustainable development;At the same time the implementation of major projects and coal energy consumption index provincial plan as a whole, for the integration of regional enterprise upgrade provides “elements to go with the project” policy, for the early stage of the industry has been stuck for structure optimization, the problem of project integration provides a new development direction, will boost the high quality enterprise through merger integration is expected to get further development space.(1) The implementation of the double carbon policy is gradually reasonable, the one-size-fits-all requirements are corrected, the industry has a high-quality foundation, high-quality projects are expected to obtain further development space, it is suggested to pay attention to the early development of the leading enterprises due to energy control and limited, focusing on the recommendations of coal chemical quality enterprises;(2) Dual carbon policy is still the main line of future development. Excessive energy consumption control to carbon emission control will still drive the rapid development of new energy related fields. It is suggested to pay attention to the core competitive enterprises in the upstream raw material circuit of new energy.(3) The development of carbon emission reduction will greatly promote the development and application of green materials, and promote the layout and development of biosynthesis and other related fields.Customers of SFC institutions can view the full text of the research report “Basic Chemical Industry Review: Dual Carbon policy slightly eased, Coal use control Gradually reasonable” in detail.Risk warning: policy implementation risk;Risk of sharp fluctuations in product prices of segmented industries and excessive expansion of new projects