WBG vs. V5, Rookie and Theshy play each other now!

2022-06-01 0 By

Speaking of IG, the most impressive team must be their victory in THE S8 World Championship. Although it has been lukewarm in the following seasons, the glory they once played is remembered by all players, so the number of IG members’ fans is also very large.Then, after the S11 world, IG’s lineup changed during the transfer period, and almost all of the veteran players left the team, which was difficult for fans to accept, and they even recently clashed in the spring game. Let’s take a look!As we all know, IG Theshy has joined WBG, Rookie V5, Ah Shui TES, Baolan and Ning Wang are currently free agents.LPL spring game is continuing to fight, the three players who joined the new team naturally have a chance to meet the old teammate before the game, in the previous period of time V5 versus TES, Rookie and AH Shui became the enemy in the game, and finally the V5 beat TES by two to one.On January 26th, WBG will fight “Rookie” and “Theshy” again. This is the first time that THE TWO IG players will fight each other in the spring tournament.For this reason, the fight has been dubbed “love to kill” by fans.The end result was that WBG made it a one-two win. Both the Rookie and Theshy played very well. In the third round, the Rookie, supported by his teammates, fought back to kill Theshy.After the game, the two were still calm, smiling and hugging each other when they met. As the most familiar teammates, now they are rivals, I believe this feeling is also wonderful.But now they have to fight for the new team, in the game must take out all the strength, but the game does not affect their feelings in reality, as teammates have always been in the friendship, the two of them in the spring game several friendly interactions also touched countless incheon people.To sum up, this year’s LPL Spring competition is very exciting, the new lineup configuration of each team is also very interesting, and the former IG players have shown very good comprehensive strength, they have quickly integrated into the new team, and have begun to shine.Let’s see what happens next.So what do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section