Paste Spring Festival couplets, send lanterns, New Year gestures…Do you get these rituals right?

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In fact, many names and meanings of Fuzhou cuisine are closely related to fuzhou dialect.Many of the older grandparents speak Fuzhou fluently, but now the young people’s Fuzhou dialect is a bit worse.How to inherit fuzhou dialect of provincial intangible cultural Heritage?How to make children more easily accept fuzhou dialect?When it comes to Fuzhou, we cannot but mention our “Fuzhou ancient House”, especially the three lanes and seven alleys of 5A scenic spot.Do you know when the triple doors of the ancient house will open?Why are the steps of the patio high and low on one side?Listen to a folklore expert!Stick Spring Festival couplets on Banyan City’s New Year’s Eve, is an important custom of the Chinese New Year.Tear up the old Spring Festival couplets, said to get rid of the old, bad luck, have the meaning of eliminating the old and ushering in the new.When people post nian Hong (Spring Festival couplets and the character fu) on their homes, it means the Spring Festival officially begins.But can you really paste Spring Festival couplets?Lanterns are traditional folk arts and crafts that decorate the Spring Festival. They are found all over the country. Fuzhou’s lanterns have been very famous since ancient times.Let’s get to know zheng Xianglin, a representative inheritor of the intangible cultural Heritage of the south Back Street lantern production technology in Fuzhou, Fujian Province.Coming to Master Zheng’s home is like walking into a small traditional lantern show.One lamp hung high, colorful and different shapes, full of thick festive atmosphere.As a native of Fuzhou, Mr. Zheng said that in Fuzhou, as the word for “lamp” sounds similar to the word for “ding”, giving a lamp also means “adding children”.Of course, a good omen has to be the right one!Zheng Xianglin, the inheritor of fujian Provincial intangible Cultural Heritage Lantern production project, will give three lamps to her husband’s family in the first year when she gets married. “3” is a lucky number in Fuzhou, homophonic for “life”.One is guannin send son, I hope she can get your son as early as possible, one is the number one scholar riding, and God sent Kylin, God sent Kylin is a military officer, number one scholar is a civil officer, I hope the child after birth can be both civil and military.Send orange lamp pay attention to fuzhou dialect “orange” homophonic with “urgent” send lamp in addition to pay attention to the number, the lamp category style also have pay attention to, such as this big red lantern shaped lantern, in Fuzhou called “orange lamp”.It’s a very delicate gift.If zheng Xianglin’s child is not born in the first year, the elders will start to be a little impatient, they will start to send orange lanterns, Fuzhou dialect homophonic “urgent”, very urgent meaning, want to have grandchildren.Send the lamp to introduce here, you are not also think, can be busy to finish the family “adding children” event.B: Not yet. They say that if you are blessed with more children, you can have more.Come from a family of lanterns, master Zheng Xianglin learned to make fuzhou traditional lanterns from his ancestors when he was eight or nine years old. He has been doing this for more than 60 years.In his opinion, although the skill needs to be improved over time, the style of lanterns can be unrestrained at any time to create a variety of lanterns, which is also the fun of this craft.Yangping Village luoyuan: Museum of Ancient Buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties If you want to travel around Fuzhou for The New Year, Yangping Village Luoyuan is a good choice, what is it special?Yangping village in Luoyuan is an ancient village with a history of more than 400 years. Today, there are 16 ancient buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties, each with carved beams, painted columns, cloisters, scattered eaves, black bricks and tiles, which make people sigh is a rare cultural landscape.In the opposite house there is also an ancient lady’s attic which is very well preserved.The local people have attached great importance to education since ancient times. “Cultivator inherits family” is their ancestral motto. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were more than 40 scholars and scholars in the village.Yangping Village ancestral training now Yangping village learning atmosphere is also very strong, there are often primary school students to Yangping village for research activities, the village also has a school, children in the recitation of Traditional Chinese classics, feel the traditional culture.Although Yangping village is now so clean and tidy, a few years ago, it was still a village that relied on mining for SLATE business. At that time, the removal of rocks from the mountains led to the destruction of vegetation and the pollution of the environment by the waste discharged randomly.When the mine was shut down by the government in 2016, Yangping slowly became the beautiful village it is today.In the future, Yangping Village also plans to develop toward tourism and culture. Villagers will spontaneously repair the ancient houses and repair the old houses to retain the original appearance of the houses to the maximum extent.From eating “stone rice” to making “green money”, the villagers’ environmental awareness and the change of the concept of protecting the ancient house played a crucial role.In recent years, after strong support from the township government, the village villagers also raised more than 8 million yuan to protect the ancient house.The villagers also hope that more local sages and young people can return to build a beautiful hometown together and make it develop better and better.