New Year’s Eve non-stop!Huaihua city Management System ready to fight ice and snow

2022-06-01 0 By

Rednet Moment Huaihua On January 31 (Reporter Peng Yuanlin, correspondent Shu Guohua) On January 31, Huaihua city ushered in cold rain, snow and freezing weather, road and bridge snow, freezing is more serious.In the face of the cold wave, huaihua city management system quickly responded to the snow as the order, dispatched more than 1,000 personnel, actively do a good job of snow removal, deicing, municipal facilities maintenance and other work, to ensure that the urban road smooth, clean and clean environment, so that the people spent a happy and peaceful New Year’s Eve.At 15 PM, municipal department prepared 80 tons of snowmelt industrial salt, prevent slippery sacks 600, icy roads sign 150, snowplows 4 platform, snow 4, snow plough car 1 salt chariots, tool carrier 2, 8, patrol car group shoveling snow salt workers 152, divided into seven emergency teams, a patrol BeiQin team on duty.The company has completed the snow and ice removal work on the hongxing North Road, the front door of the Municipal Party Committee, the entrance of the government affairs Center, Fuqian Road, Yingfeng Road, Hutian Bridge, Xiangzhou Bridge, Taiping Xi Bridge, shun Overpass, high-speed railway South station square and other important roads and Bridges.Landscape department sent a total of more than 200 people, 25 vehicles, the main and secondary roads of the city, square, scenic belt, street garden snow anti-ice work, set up 139 warning signs, pull the warning line 500 meters, clear the road snow more than 4000 meters, persuade more than 330 people from the public, clean up more than 600 broken branches, water truck dozen snow 12 cars.The sanitation department dispatched 145 people, 26 vehicles, set up 20 warning signs, and threw 6,000 kilograms of industrial salt to complete the shovel and deice work of nine Bridges and railway station squares, including Renqiao, Shunqiao, Xiaoctang Bridge, Yanyan Bridge, Linhua Bridge, Huanghuoping Bridge, Qingshanxi Second Bridge, Qingshanxi third bridge and Yangtang Overpass.Ensure the key places under the jurisdiction, intersection and bridge unimpeded.City two garbage dump at 2 o ‘clock in the morning on the entrance of the road for a comprehensive inspection, began to sprinkle salt at 4 o ‘clock snow removal, so far a total of 800 kilograms of salt, organize more than 20 people to participate in the deicing snow removal work, timely clearance of the entrance of the road snow, ensure the smooth entry of all garbage removal vehicles.Urban management law enforcement departments sent more than 200 people, 18 pickup trucks, 4 agricultural vehicles, 1 bulldozer, 182 sacks, throwing 3,000 kilograms of industrial salt,The snow removal and deicing work has been completed for important roads and Bridges around high-speed railway South Station, Fuqian Bridge, Zidong Bridge, Hutian Bridge, Jinxi Bridge, Lulin Bridge, Chuanlin Bridge, Yunxi Bridge, Yunxi Gongqiao Bridge, Yunxi No.1 Bridge, Yunxi No.2 Bridge, Tankou Xi Sifangtian Bridge, Gaojian Bridge, Tiezhawan Bridge, Wusui No.1 Bridge to No.5 Bridge and so on.The muck department dispatched more than 100 people, 9 vehicles, set up 7 warning signs, and threw 1,500 kilograms of industrial salt to complete the shovel and deice work of Tuanjie Ii Bridge, Houshan Bridge in The middle slope, West Connecting line bridge in the city, Hutian Middle Bridge, Shizi Rock Bridge, Maojia Xi Bridge and Qingshan Xi Bridge.Source: Moment news author: Peng Yuanlin Shu Guohua editor: Liang Xinyu