Focus on the fire safety of the elderly group

2022-06-01 0 By

“What we see may only be pieces of paper, but in fact there are thousands of families, filled with joys and sorrows, filled with all kinds of human changes and changes.”Last night, by Hunan Satellite TV Li Chao team produced youth inspirational fire documentary experience program “we” broadcast the ninth.The show focuses on firefighters and records real life stories that happen around them in every call.This program not only enables the audience to intuitively feel the busy daily police response of firefighters, but also shows the program’s care for the elderly group by showing a thick pile of police response sheets of three fire rescue stations recently.In the show, a caller asked firefighters to break down the door because he couldn’t reach his mother, who lived alone and had a heart condition.However, in the process of fire fighters, the old man was unharmed and took the initiative to open the door, making a mistake.Although the trip was in vain, liu Su, the instructor of Gaoqiao fire rescue Station, was relieved at the scene and said bluntly, “We are worried that the rescue is late. If the old lady has an accident, we will certainly have a great psychological burden.” The words full of responsibility show the selfless spirit of firefighters dedicated to the people.On the other side, firefighters from the Lushan Gate Fire rescue station successfully rescued a sick old man who accidentally fell into the roadside garbage.Suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, the elderly do not even know where they are after being rescued.In view of this kind of elderly lost problem, the program introduced the elderly lost special yellow bracelet, and appealed to children in daily life to care for the elderly more, netizens directly called warm heart.According to national fire data for 2021 released by the Fire and Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Emergency Management, more than 47 percent of residential fire deaths were people aged 60 or older.It is urgent to strengthen the safety prevention and self-rescue ability of the elderly group.In addition to providing practical fire safety suggestions in different scenarios for different police situations, Brave Us also popularizes fire avoidance knowledge that many elderly people can master through positive cases.In the program, Sun Chao, the instructor of the Moon Island Fire rescue Station, praised an old man who was calm and calm at the scene of the fire.When a fire broke out in the living room of his family’s home, he damped a quilt to block the crack in the door and opened the window to keep air out, so that he and his grandson were not harmed by the fire and smoke.When the family reunited downstairs, the tearful scene was touching.”No wonder the most beautiful words in the world are actually lost and false alarm,” said a netizen. “Just one episode of the program let people feel the weight of these two words.”Those anxious waiting faces and the emotion of survivors at the rescue scene may arouse more people’s attention to the fire safety of the elderly.Firefighters are still responding to the fire. Please tune in every Saturday night at 10 PM on Hunan TV’s “Brave Us” to feel the heat of those brave to go to the fire and the warmth of the people’s hearts.