“Economic Information Daily” long newsletter concerned about zhuzhou rail transit equipment field technology innovation

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Zhuzhou Daily · Hand-held Zhuzhou news (reporter/Wu Chu) On February 15, Xinhua News Agency “Economic Information” edition published “to strengthen the weak board strong toughness of the central joint force forging manufacturing industry core competitiveness” (hereinafter referred to as the report) a long communication, which has a large length of zhuzhou rail transit equipment field technology innovation.The report pointed out that recently, from the relevant ministries and commissions to local authorities are intensive deployment, in strengthening the weak board, forging long board, strength and toughness, forging the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.For example, Hunan takes the improvement of the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry as an important point to develop new advantages of high-quality development. It proposes to strengthen 22 advantageous industrial chains, support leading enterprises and chain main enterprises to integrate industrial chain resources, and drive the chain development of spare parts and raw materials enterprises.Zhuzhou is home to the National Advanced rail transit equipment Innovation Center, which has made many technological breakthroughs in rail transit equipment, the report said.The case of hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker used in fully automatic driving system is described.National institute of advanced innovation center of rail transit equipment basic devices relevant controller introduces, the key components are to be imported in the past, the center is based on key generic technology needs, rail transportation for rail transit automatic driving system was developed successfully hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers and reset device, and by many national compulsory test, start loading applications.This product solves the “bottleneck” problem that the large products of autonomous vehicles are limited by key basic components, and is conducive to the technological progress of basic core devices.China leads the world in a number of rail transit equipment technologies and products, but its research and development efforts are scattered and the transformation of achievements is not smooth, the report said.The National Advanced Rail Transportation Equipment Innovation Center has integrated the innovative forces of CRRC Zhuzhou Research Institute, CRRC Motor, and made breakthroughs in intelligent diagnosis operation and maintenance system of metro emUS and laser additive manufacturing.