Yongxing county has taken multiple measures to promote high-quality employment and entrepreneurship

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January 11, Yongxing County employment and entrepreneurship work will be held.It is reported that the county adhere to the employment priority strategy, will stabilize employment in a prominent position, and strive to improve the quality of employment services, multiple measures to achieve more full and higher quality employment.A better life requires employment.The role of employment as a “cushion” affects people’s sense of happiness and security.Yongxing county based on make-work, through the practice activity “I does the practical work for the masses”, village household to the masses understand the employment situation, employment demand in the home, open up employment “green channel” for the difficult staff, provide no qualification, no age, no skill requirements of public welfare jobs, offers 1170 vocational guidance, employment and vocational training and other assistance services,Promoting employment and entrepreneurship.Striving for provincial full employment community (village) in the people’s Road community, then river street to consult employment information and entrepreneurial policies of the masses in an endless stream.Taking the opportunity of establishing provincial full employment community, the community opened employment service platform, carried out regular human resources survey, fully grasped and updated the basic information of labor force within the jurisdiction, and promoted the extension of employment registration and unemployment registration, entrepreneurship guarantee loan and entrepreneurship guidance services to the community.At present, a full employment community (village) to take plane to promote employment, entrepreneurship policy, promote the development of the county employment entrepreneurship work further enhance the ability of the county public employment services at the grass-roots level, in order to realize urban and rural employment situation is more stable, the laborers have higher income and employment better entrepreneurship environment played a demonstration leading role.With the advent of the “three children” policy, the market demand for maternity matrons and baby attendants increases.Aiming at the market, Yongxing county provides free systematic training for rural women who are interested in maternal and child care, so as to improve women’s employment ability and expand employment channels.”I participated in a government-organized training program for free nurseries at Jiemei Home Economics School and obtained a professional qualification for maternal and child care.Now I work as a match-in-law in a family with a monthly income of more than 5,000 yuan.”Xie Taohua from Gaotingsi township praised the government’s good policy on job training.Through the government to purchase services, the county in 2021 trained a total of 1760 baby care workers, the nanny employment training into yongxing employment gold card.Strengthen vocational skills training, carry out special job fairs, do a good job in employment services, and comprehensively promote school-enterprise cooperation…Since the beginning of 2021, the county has taken multiple measures to realize the “quality” and “quantity” of full employment, to achieve higher quality and more full employment.By the end of December 2021, 4,456 new urban jobs had been created, 1,986 unemployed people had been re-employed, and 698 people with employment difficulties had been re-employed, exceeding the annual target, according to the data.Editor: Cao Chen