The 2022 Spring Festival Travel Rush will end with 1.35 million trips made through Zhengzhou Airport

2022-05-31 0 By

Si Yanwen, reporter from Henan Mobile News on February 25, zhengzhou Airport’s annual Spring Festival travel rush smoothly ended. The reporter learned from Zhengzhou Airport that during the 40-day Spring Festival travel rush, more than 1.35 million people traveled through Zhengzhou Airport.This year’s Spring Festival travel rush started on January 17, 2022. Within 40 days, the passenger volume of Zhengzhou Airport gradually recovered rapidly. Before the start of the Spring Festival travel rush, the number of flights was less than 200 per day due to the impact of the epidemic control, and quickly recovered to more than 500 per day from the end of the Spring Festival travel rush.Zhengzhou Airport has achieved a total passenger throughput of 1,356,000, among which the passenger traffic is mainly from Zhengzhou to Urumqi, Haikou, Kunming, Sanya, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other cities.In the strict epidemic prevention and control measures, to ensure aviation security, on the basis of zhengzhou airport security units launched characteristic service measures: in rain and snow weather, zhengzhou airport management committee for the first time in consultation with coordination, flight of the affected period adjustment, improve the flight guarantee efficiency, ensure the smooth of the broad masses of passengers travel;Special services such as wheelchairs are provided for the elderly with mobility difficulties. Special maternity and infant rooms and children’s playgrounds are set up in the airport waiting area to give young parents a warm aviation experience.In view of the actual needs of elderly passengers, zhengzhou Airport security staff specially made “love relay card”, which is convenient for the elderly to get help quickly and effectively after leaving the station, so that the elderly passengers in a special period of smooth and warm journey home.To save the passengers of checks, security personnel push flow boxes, use of passengers queue security time, collect can’t banned items, such as cigarette lighters, liquid class this deposit boxes can also special liquid, in this way, passengers queue security can pour the water in the cup into the collection box at any time.During the Spring Festival this year, or the year of the tiger and the Beijing Olympics held in the period, on the one hand, during the Spring Festival, zhengzhou airport T2 terminal for the contracted and generous holiday decorations, in every link of passenger travel, installed the Chinese knot, red lantern, Spring Festival culture adornment such as the year of the tiger pictures, blessed special passengers to extend New Year greeting CARDS, small pendant, etc., on the other hand, according to the characteristics of high without parents accompany the children before and after the Spring Festival, see the children have a special liking to “ice mound mound”, when accompanied by children waiting, zhengzhou airport passenger services, little sister carefully hand draw the cartoon version of the “ice mound mound”, also with the children painting “ice mound mound”, the children of these hand draw “ice mound mound” fondle admiringly,Some took a group photo with “Bing Dwen Dwen” and gave the hand-painted “Bing Dwen dwen” to the children. The small hand-painted “Bing Dwen Dwen” made the single children to reduce the sense of tension, happy waiting for the plane, and happily boarded the plane.