Temperature turning service is not discounted!State Grid Tianjin Chengxi Company strives to ensure the power demand of xiqing people in rainy and snowy weather

2022-05-31 0 By

On the night of December 12, xiqing ushered in the first snowfall of spring 2022. State Grid Tianjin Chengxi Company made preparations in advance and made meticulous arrangements to effectively deal with rain, snow and cooling weather to ensure the safety and reliability of users’ production and living electricity.It is understood that in order to properly deal with the cooling weather, Chengxi Company focuses on the power supply situation of heat-related and warm equipment, strengthens the load prediction of the whole network, closely tracks weather changes, and does a good job in the balance of electricity and quantity.Make full use of live detection, condition monitoring and other means to strengthen equipment operation and maintenance, strengthen inspection of important power protection lines, oil-filled inflatable equipment and fire fighting facilities, closely monitor equipment covered with snow, ice and dancing, and effectively implement various anti-rain, snow, freezing, wind and cold measures.Ensure the power supply service, actively contact with important users, assist customers to do a good job in the troubleshooting of electrical equipment and self-provided emergency power start-up debugging, to ensure the safety and reliability of electricity consumption.Strengthen the strength of the emergency repair team, ensure that the emergency repair equipment, personnel, material allocation is sufficient, in full readiness, according to the principle of “first restore power, then rush repair”, the priority to ensure the power supply of users.Xiqing media reporter Zhang Jing correspondent Dong Kaitai reprinted please indicate the source: Tianjin Xiqing