Luzhou Huangyi Primary School 2022 Spring semester inventory

2022-05-31 0 By

At the beginning of the semester, in order to ensure the smooth opening of the spring semester in 2022 and welcome students back to school in the best condition, the central Primary School of Huangyi Town, Jiangyang District, Luzhou city has held the school affairs meeting, school safety work and epidemic prevention and safety work, urging all the staff to make full preparations and actively do all the work before the semester begins.The meeting pointed out that safety management, including epidemic prevention, should be prioritized against the backdrop of COVID-19 prevention and control.Before the beginning of the semester, teachers and students should check the situation of returning to school and their health conditions, and establish a monitoring mechanism for students’ whereabouts and health, so as to achieve full coverage and no omission.The leaders in charge of each department make arrangements for the work objectives, plans, contents and priorities of the new semester, so as to make full preparation and solid guarantee for the orderly development of the work of the new semester.Chen Juhong, president of the school, stressed that safety should be given top priority in the new semester and regular epidemic prevention and control work should be done.Pay close attention to moral education, implement logistics service, ensure the smooth development of education and teaching.School logistics personnel again to the opening of the materials reserve and supply situation to check.And the campus security risks, especially fire equipment, water and electricity lines, canteen health, campus and class environment and other aspects of the dragnet type of large investigation, timely elimination of security risks, to ensure the safety of teachers and students at school.In 2021, Huangyi Primary School will continue to strive for success and reap fruitful results.(Qiu Fan) (Photo courtesy of Huang Yi Primary School)