Last chance to get DOTA2 black treasure, 30% off to unlock all rewards

2022-05-31 0 By

As the end of the lunar New Year holiday, halim labyrinth of heaven and earth warriors writ for only the last two weeks, and during the lunar New Year holiday, halim warriors o grade gift bag limit, from February 4 – on February 10, you can within the DOTA2 client buy warriors grade gift bag, in a way that is more favorable, you increase the level of the warriors writUnlock more gifts on the way to rewards.The warrior pack will be available on Thursday morning (Beijing time). Please don’t miss the final offer if you haven’t got your prize yet.The package is priced at rmb96 and includes a 70 percent discount, including a level 60 Warrior Writ, three 2021 Alhalim’s Jinmo Collection, three 2021 Alhalim’s Immortal Treasure, and three 2021 Alhalim’s Eternal Treasure.Each warrior Writ player can purchase up to two gift packs.The Alhalim Warrior Rank pack is a great opportunity to help get your hands on the many rewards of the Writ of Warriors, including custom minions and siege units for Level 94;Milana body and mind at level 135;[Fixed] Custom defense towers for tier 200Level 277 Sen Haifei Xia Prestige suit;Level 333 Drow Ranger Treasure and so on.The pack will be off the shelves on Thursday, February 10, so don’t miss the chance to double the multiverse prize.The first season of the 2022 DPC China league playoffs will start from February 18 to 20, and after the first season of the playoffs, the 7.31 gameplay update for DOTA2 will also be released.