Benz commercial market | Benz V260l commercial vehicles offer

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Benz V260 commercial car special price lift car, today pipi car introduction to provide you with a 19 Benz V260L extended high top without decoration partition, car interior after luxury upgrade car.2019 Mercedes-benz V260L modified seven-seat commercial vehicles, cost-effective compared with the level is very advantageous, the function is equipped with many more than the level.2019 Mercedes V260L upgrade luxury business reception equipment, in addition to the V260 original car space wide and warm, the key is about the car interior upgrade Mercedes Business reception has a set of perfect design.2019款 Mercedes-Benz V260L modified commercial vehicle second row of first class seats with electric, heating, massage, natural ventilation features of the airline class chief 2019款 high top Mercedes-Benz V260L selection of real Mercedes-Benz chassis body specifications are:Length 5370* width 1928* height 2050, equipped with M2742.0T engine, the maximum speed is 185 km/h, to power 155/5500KW/RPM, maximum torque speed is 350/1250-4000nm/RPM.In addition, the application of a large number of safety technology systems in this car, so that you can experience the experience of driving and booking at any time the sense of safety to make you feel at ease.Mercedes V260 commercial vehicles offer Mercedes-benz commercial vehicles Mercedes-benz commercial vehicles seven Mercedes-benz commercial vehicles refitted Mercedes-benz commercial vehicles Benz business, show business | Benz Mercedes market V260l commercial vehicles offers _ _ the news information pipi cars