206 species of birds have been recorded in the pilot investigation project on the status of wetland resources in Hainan Island

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A pilot survey on the status of wetland resources in Hainan Island was conducted in 148 bird-watching sites in 32 wetland areas. A total of 206 species of birds, belonging to 17 orders and 61 families, were recorded, among which the changhua River wetland had the largest number of bird species and danzhou Bay wetland had the largest number.The survey showed that the birds in the beach of Hainan Island were mainly Peliformes and charadriiformes, and there were abundant passeriformes on the banks of rivers and reservoirs.Thirty-eight species of national key protected birds were found in 32 wetland areas, accounting for 18.45% of the total species surveyed.Among them, there are 4 species of national ⅰ level key protected birds and 34 species of national ⅱ level protected birds.Black-faced spoonbills fly at xinying Mangrove National Wetland Park in South China’s Hainan Province, Jan. 27, 2019.This project is undertaken and implemented by Haikou Marine Geological Survey Center of China Geological Survey, aiming at the types, distribution and area of wetland resources in Hainan Island, as well as the ecological status of typical areas.It is found that the wetland of Hainan island is mainly distributed in alluvial plain and surrounding sea area, and a small number of reservoirs, aquaculture farms and rivers are distributed in wuzhishan, Bawangling, Yingge Ling and other mountainous areas in the middle of hainan Island.The distribution of wetland is less inland, more coastal, more east and less west, more north and less south, and many small patches of wetland.The most widely distributed wetland is the offshore and coastal wetland, mainly distributed in the surrounding waters of Hainan Island.Among all the cities and counties, Dongfang city has the largest wetland area. There are long sand beaches along the coast of Dongfang City, among which sibi Bay has a large mangrove forest. It is also an important wintering site for black-faced spoonbill, a national key protected bird.Based on the bird survey data, the project team also compiled a book called “Common Birds in Hainan Island Wetlands”, comprehensively showing the common birds in Hainan Island wetlands map and distribution characteristics.There are various types of wetlands in Hainan Island. In order to present the colorful wetland resources, the project team also filmed and produced a popular science propaganda video called “100 Forms of Wetlands” to let more people know about wetlands and protect wetlands.In addition to the bird survey, the project team also carried out surveys on mangrove, seass beds, benthic organisms, fish and other ecological factors in Sibiwan, Lingshui Xincun Port and Li ‘an Port, and collected water quality and sediment samples in Changhua River, Nandu River, Wanquan River, Songtao Reservoir, daguangba reservoir and other places for analysis and testing.The survey of ecological factors aims to master the status of typical wet area ecosystem, so as to scientifically evaluate the health status of wetland ecosystem in Hainan Island.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com