Xinjiang girl “lit” the cauldron

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The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium in Beijing on the evening of February 4.This is the “Snowflake” part of the opening ceremony.Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Lei on February 4 evening, the 24th Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony held in Beijing national Stadium.The final torchbearers dinegar Iramujiang (left) and Zhao Jiawen.Xinhua News Agency reporter Cao Can photograph the fire of the Winter Olympics, into a snowflake holy smart small flame, in the attention of billions of people around the world, jumping in a “big snowflake” slowly rising.The torchbearers were Dinegar Iramujiang from Altay, Xinjiang, where skiing originated, and Zhao Jiawen from Taiyuan, Shanxi Province.February 4 at 22:15, Beijing, the national Stadium, the 24th Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony site.How will the cauldron be lit?Everyone is waiting for the answer.Snowflake guide boards from participating countries and regions form a giant snowflake.The last torchbearers, cross-country skier Denigel and Nordic biathlete Zhao Jiaven, placed the torch in the center of the “big snowflake”, lighting the Olympic flame in people’s hearts in an environmentally friendly way.At the same time, diniger’s family in Altay, more than 3,000 kilometers from Beijing, was jubilant.”I want to thank the country for giving her such an important task. I want my daughter to be a credit to the country,” diniger’s mother, Rusian Hattibaj, said as she watched the “big snowflakes” rise.Two days ago, family and friends came from far and wide to witness the exciting moment when diniger was competing in the Beijing Winter Olympics.”I did not expect Diniger to be the torchbearer. What a surprise! We are so proud of her!We are proud to have her and wish her good results in the upcoming competitions.”Dinegal’s cousin Celine Tohong said excitedly.Diniger was born in 2001 to a sports family in Altay.His father, Iramujiang Mulaji, was a cross-country skier in Xinjiang province and now coaches the Chinese cross-country ski team.”Just elated, speechless, my daughter fulfilling all my dreams.””Mr. Iramujiang told reporters by telephone.Galin Awubakir, father of National cross-country ski team member Bayani Galin, also from Altay, who watched the exciting scene live, said: “Diniger is proud of all of us for this honour!I hope the girls can get good grades and win honor for our country and hometown.””She is the pride of China, xinjiang and altay, the ‘snow capital of China’.Come on, Altay girl!”Altay area culture and sports radio and tourism bureau party secretary Liu Kechuan said.Source: Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily