Wang Hai Lou: China’s diplomacy at home during the Spring Festival won respect from the world

2022-05-30 0 By

Jia Pingfan The Beijing Winter Olympic Games is not only a global sports event, but also a major diplomatic event hosted by China.From meeting with International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach on January 25, to attending the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on the evening of February 4 and holding a welcome banquet at noon on February 5, to holding 19 bilateral meetings and meetings in three consecutive days from February 4 to 6, Chinese President Xi Jinping has both new partners and old friends on his intensive foreign affairs schedule.On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, Chinese and foreign guests gathered in Beijing, holding hands, laughing and laughing, and playing a bright and joyful “Overture to the Chinese New Year” for China’s host diplomacy.Beijing’s winter Olympic Games and China’s New Year’s party attracted worldwide attention.From the Olympic Games, where ice and snow competitions were held, to the stage of diplomacy as a major country, China has shown to the world its affinity for home, its drive for practical cooperation, and its appeal for unity and progress.Feel at home and show Chinese hospitality with human touch.China has gone to great lengths to ensure that international dignitaries attending the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics have a great time in China.At the welcome banquet held in the Golden Hall of the Great Hall of the People on February 5, every international VIP wore a mask specially customized by China, emblazoned with the flags of their respective countries or international organizations.A small mask, full of courtesy of the country’s great respect.Moreover, in order for international guests to experience the Chinese New Year in an immersive way, the Great Hall of the People welcomed visitors from all over the world with a quintessential “temple fair”.In the intangible Cultural Heritage Corridor, traditional Chinese arts such as New Year paintings, Spring Festival couplets, paper cuttings, kites and dough figurines are displayed one by one.Adding the last touch to the character “fu”, finishing the last cut to the paper-cut and finishing the painting of the facial mask, accompanied by the folk music ensemble in the background, the international guests had a great time in the temple fair.It has become a story that Prince Albert ii of Monaco will bring back a pair of “Bing Dwen Dwen” dough figurines for his twin children.Practical cooperation demonstrates China’s sincere willingness to promote mutual benefit and win-win results.International political leaders have come from afar to overcome the impact of the epidemic, not only for the “Winter Olympics” engagement, but also for cooperation.From anti-EPIDEMIC cooperation to post-epidemic economic recovery, president Xi jinping’s talks with every international dignitaries were very specific and targeted.Among them, vaccine support, high-quality belt and Road cooperation and green development were frequently mentioned in bilateral meetings.To treat people sincerely, people should also be sincere.At the meeting, cooperation documents, joint statements and cooperation plans were released one after another, and many landmark projects that had been brewing for a long time were reached or promoted.In the Year of the Winter Olympics in China, China’s diplomatic arena has become an important platform for practical cooperation between China and foreign countries.Unity and progress demonstrate China’s responsibility as a major country to build a community with a shared future for mankind.From “One World, One Dream” in 2008 to “Together for the Future” in 2022, China has taken an active part in the Olympic Movement and carried forward the Olympic spirit. China is a staunch follower and activist of the Olympic ideal.In his speech at the welcoming banquet, Xi focused on explaining the significance of the original aspiration, spirit and purpose of the Olympic Movement, focusing on “peace”, “unity” and “progress” respectively.When meeting with Bach and UN secretary General Antonio Guterres, President Xi Jinping used the metaphor of “boat” twice: “It is better for all countries to share the same big boat for a better future than to be on more than 190 small boats.” “Only when all countries are on the Noah’s Ark in the new era can mankind have a better tomorrow.”Guterres said that at present, the world needs a successful Winter Olympics to send a clear message to the world that people of any country, ethnic group and religion can transcend differences and achieve unity and cooperation.Little fires make great torches.In overcoming numerous difficulties and obstacles at the Winter Olympics gathering, China has conveyed a long and profound goodwill to the world.In the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, under the five Olympic rings, the “snowflakes” engraved with the names of all the delegations formed a shining “snowflake”. This is perhaps the most vivid portrayal of China’s vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind.The writer is a commentator of People’s Daily Overseas edition