The dog strays 2 years, the miracle finds the master, rushes into the familiar bosom to cry

2022-05-30 0 By

Staff at this animal shelter in Ukraine recently witnessed an emotional reunion with what they thought was just a big stray dog.The shelter said it had taken in the big blue-eyed dog, who was clearly suffering from a rough life on the road. He was reduced to bones and his hair was scattered all over his body. The shelter decided to find him a happy new home, so they took pictures of him and posted them online for adoption.The dog’s post was shared several times, and two days later a woman contacted the shelter. She said her dog had been stolen from her yard two years ago, saw a picture of it and thought it looked like her lost dog, so she showed up the next day to confirm it.Shelter staff soon realized that this was their reunion, as the dog recognized its owner in a second and rushed into his arms as if to say, “What took you so long?”The owner later posted a message of thanks to everyone who shared it and thanks to their kindness she was able to meet the dog again and they will never be apart again