Many people have misconceptions about cars

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1: car body steel plate thickness, more safety about this problem, we can see cars in the 1960 s, when all the cars in 2 tons of materials is enough, the weight is heavy, but after frontal impact test, the whole car collision is very serious, A column and B pillar deformation is very serious, now, A, B column without bending.2. One door is safer now there is a saying, that is, one punching door will be safer than welding.To be honest, it was all a joke.To take the obvious example, are the frameless doors of supercars really unsafe?That’s just one step the manufacturer has taken to improve efficiency.3. Windshields can’t be laminated this is just a semantic misunderstanding.Stick colored film is forbidden, but stick transparent, keep out the windshield film of ultraviolet ray is completely ok.A clear membrane does not interfere with vision.4. The higher the crash star, the safer the car?If it is developed g in the West, this collision certainly has a strong reference significance, but in China, to be able to test in C-NCAP models, basically are five-star.5. All Gasoline is The same The basic ingredients of gasoline are the same, even from the same pipeline, but different companies use different scale removers, and of course the quality varies.So the companies are not at the same level of gasoline.A convertible may not be as safe as a hardtop in a front to back crash, but on the side, the convertible J is crash-resistant.The e ejection roller will protect you even in a rollover.7. Suv is safer than car Although the heavier car crash resistance this is true in most cases, but as an SUV, you have to consider its high center of gravity rollover and other factors, and SUV models are generally more expensive, with the same price of cars are generally one level larger than it, who is not necessarily safe.8. Make sure you have all-wheel drive in the snow Everyone thinks you can’t have a winter without all-wheel drive. In fact, all-wheel drive only helps you accelerate and stabilize your hands, but it doesn’t help you stop when you lose control.So, winter tires are more reliable.