In 2021, Kunming’s economic growth rate is not as fast as Qujing’s, how to break the situation?

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The economic development of Kunming continues to be sluggish, with the annual growth rate of only 7.26% in 2021, ranking 32nd in the total GDP of Chinese cities, while the GDP development of Qujing in Yunnan province is maintaining rapid growth, with the GDP growth of qujing reaching 14.68% in 2021.As the capital city of Yunnan, Kunming plays a key role in economic development and positioning.If kunming’s economic development positioning and leading role had not been brought into play, GDP might have fallen further.1. Lack of manufacturing industry. There are not many manufacturing enterprises in Kunming that can export commodities.In addition to one Yunnan Baiyao, there are no more than a few national enterprises.The key is that Yunnan Baiyao does not play an obvious role in promoting employment. There are more than 8,000 employees in yunnan Baiyao, including the employed population from outside the province.This means that although these enterprises make money, the money they earn cannot flow into the pockets of more ordinary people, unlike Gree Electric Appliances, which has sold air conditioners all over the country and created more than 80,000 jobs.It makes money and generates local employment.The contribution to GDP has a compound effect.2. The tourism industry is not strong. Except for the natural landscape parks, which rely on entrance fees to make money, Kunming lacks large-scale well-known entertainment parks.Just like Disney, it is the entertainment symbol of a city.Kunming did not develop, and now the epidemic is affecting the development of tourism.3. With the continuous decline of real estate, there is a limit to the number of houses that can be absorbed by local people, especially those with urgent needs.Some of the houses are still being sold to tenants, bought by businessmen from outside the province as investments.Now, with housing prices falling and the pandemic affecting the economy, people’s incomes are falling, and fewer people actually need and invest in real estate.Therefore, the real estate to economic development and pull the role is actually very unstable.The other part of the tobacco industry does make money, but it has little to do with jobs for most people, just contributing tax revenue.As long as the fruits of local economic development cannot be returned to the people’s pockets in the form of wages, the people’s spending power will not rise.No matter how many tongde squares and commercial centers like Nanping Street are built, they are only entertainment places for a small number of rich people, not benefiting more ordinary people.Therefore, the economic development of Kunming needs to cultivate more manufacturing enterprises, which can promote employment, export local commodities to all parts of the country, and make money by using the circulation and export of commodities.Only in this way can GDP be strengthened and expanded.What kind of manufacturing industry do you think kunming is suitable for?