Hunan: Hengnan County People’s Hospital successfully carried out arthroscopic posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

2022-05-30 0 By

Recently, hengnan County People’s Hospital orthopedics a ward successfully for a patient knee arthroscopic posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, postoperative patient recovery is good, has been discharged from hospital rehabilitation.Preoperative MRI patient Liu mou, 15 years old school students, due to trauma caused by left knee joint pain, limited activity, in hengnan County People’s Hospital orthopedics a ward, the department experts combined with history, auxiliary examination and physical examination of patients, diagnosed as: “left knee joint posterior cruciate ligament fracture.”If the patient is treated conservatively, the knee joint will be unstable after recovery, which will seriously affect his life, and will cause degeneration and aggravation of articular cartilage, and eventually lead to the loss of joint function.Only cruciate ligament reconstruction can restore function.After consultation, the hospital’s experts decided to apply minimally invasive surgery, “knee arthroscopic posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction” treatment.The posterior cruciate ligament fracture was found in arthroscopic exploration, and the posterior cruciate ligament was found intact in postoperative MRI review. After case discussion, rigorous surgical plan and adequate preparation, the experts in the department of Orthopedics, Director Xiang Liang, bao Jian and Li Xiangheng, attending physicians, with the full cooperation of anesthesiology Department,Posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction was performed successfully under lumbar anesthesia under knee arthroscopy.The reconstructed ligaments were in good shape and the stability of the knee joint was restored. The operation was a complete success and the patients and their families were very satisfied.According to Xiang Liang, the director of the department, arthroscopic posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is a minimally invasive surgery, the operation is more difficult, new technology, with short time, small trauma, low blood loss, clear surgical field, less postoperative complications, fast recovery characteristics, patients can early ground activities, postoperative functional rehabilitation exercise.It is reported that Hengnan County people’s Hospital has successfully carried out hundreds of cases of arthroscopic minimally invasive surgery, cured a large number of shoulder and knee pain patients, by the majority of patients with consistent praise.The successful development of this kind of surgery, marking the Hengnan County people’s Hospital in the field of orthopaedic sports medicine to reach the city’s advanced level, also marks the hospital orthopaedic arthroscopy diagnosis and treatment technology level to a new level.At present, the hospital can carry out arthroscopic reconstruction of anterior and posterior cruciate ligament fracture, meniscus injury suture, anterior and posterior cruciate ligament insertion avulsion fracture fixation, intra-articular free body removal, synovium cleaning and habitual patellar dislocation patellar correction, etc.Shoulder arthroscopic repair of rotator cuff injury, Bankart repair of habitual shoulder dislocation, reduction and fixation of acromioclavicular dislocation and other operations can also be carried out.(Zhou Heping Bao Jian)