Global connection | Lin Cunzhen: “Ice dun Dun” leading the Winter Olympics hit the Chinese mark

2022-05-30 0 By

Emblem, lantern and the torch, MEDALS, mascots, bouquets to the venue of landscape design, the design of these games are elements with Chinese traditional culture as the core, the design inspiration comes from the understanding of the nature and comprehension, relying on China’s unique traditional culture and aesthetic features, profound cultural background and cultural gene “natural rule, harmony between man and nature”.How does the image landscape of Beijing 2022 Form a complete visual system?How does it blend perfectly with ice and snow sports, Olympic spirit and Chinese culture?The special guest of this issue is Lin Cunzhen, art Director of the Image landscape of the Cultural Activities Department of boCOG, who will reveal the mystery behind these designs for you!Producer: Yan Tao Xu Jiren zhou liang to plan as a whole: zhou ning Li li reporter: jade (wang lu Lili: Du Yanqin Kong Xiangxin broadcast control: Feng Ke Him Liu Meng Zhu longchuan He Na makeup: crown animation: Du Yanqin special support of the Chinese people’s insurance group China xinhua news network, the official Xinhua News Agency reported joint production sports xinhua Beijing games group