Diagnosis and treatment of hamster tooth fracture

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01 Diagnosis of broken teeth It is easy to see the obvious defect of teeth. In many cases, it is more important to determine whether there are other oral diseases.The relationship between the upper and mandible and the occlusal relationship of teeth were observed, and the etiology was determined based on the medical history to determine whether there was malocclusion and overgrowth of teeth.A comprehensive oral examination was carried out on hamsters to determine the location of broken teeth and whether there were oral ulcers, gingival bleeding, redness, hyperplasia and pain and other inflammatory reactions. If conditions were necessary, dental exploration and X-ray examination could be carried out to determine the degree of wear on the tooth surface and whether the pulp was damaged.02 Treatment Hamster teeth grow over a lifetime, but if the root is not broken, or the whole tooth is lost, the tooth can slowly grow back and return to normal function.Malocclusion or overgrowth requires orthodontics or trimming of excess teeth.Teeth with pulp damage or severe wear can be surgically removed or treated with root canals.Tartar removal.Tooth fracture, whole tooth loss, surgical tooth extraction and other oral diseases often accompany the occurrence of oral inflammation, should pay attention to the use of drugs for oral anti-inflammatory, anti-infection treatment, most of the inflammation and infection can be very good improvement after a week of medication.Commonly used oral anti-inflammatory antibacterial drugs: Chlorhexidine, metronidazole, amoxicillin – clavulanic acid potassium, baiyili.