Town comprehensive administrative law enforcement team to carry out open-air burning special rectification action

2022-05-29 0 By

Recently, the town’s comprehensive administrative law enforcement team found that farmers have been burning household garbage and straw frequently in the open air, seriously polluting the surrounding environment.In order to curb the occurrence of such phenomena, since February 8, a special campaign has been launched to clean up open burning.In order to find the burning point in the first time, the law enforcement team strengthened the control of the prone and multiple points and increased the number of inspections in the field every day. Once the smoke was found floating out, they immediately rushed to the scene to stop it and avoid harm.At the same time, the law enforcement team also linked the village, the farmers of the relevant laws and regulations education, explain the dangers of open burning, from the source to reduce the occurrence of illegal behavior.More than 10 people were sent to the special rectification campaign, 6 cases of incineration were discouraged, and 5 cases of household garbage incineration were investigated and punished.