The number of entry-exit arrivals at Shanghai ports during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger increased by 54.3% compared with that of the Year of the Ox

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Shanghai, Feb. 7 (CHINanet) — The Shanghai General Station of Border Control revealed on The 7th that during this Spring Festival holiday (as of 18:00pm on February 6), the Shanghai Border control authorities inspected 47,000 entry-exit personnel, up 54.3% from last year.More than 1,900 vehicles (ships, vehicles) were inspected, an increase of 2.7% over last year’s Spring Festival holiday.Despite the overall decrease in inbound and outbound passenger flow at Shanghai port due to the impact of the international epidemic situation, pudong International Airport, as an international aviation hub, will be busier and busier during the Spring Festival as the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve.According to the statistics of The Shanghai Border inspection authority, during this Spring Festival, the Shanghai border inspection authority inspected more than 42,000 people entering and exiting the Country at the Pudong Airport, a 75 percent increase over last year’s Spring Festival.The border control station of Shanghai Airport has further increased the number of supporting police officers, and at the same time fully opened the inspection channels to reduce the waiting time of passengers and ensure the safe and rapid handling of the border control procedures.Shanghai border police on duty on the tarmac late at night.During the Spring Festival, the booming consumer market has spawned an increasing demand for goods and materials for people’s livelihood.The Shanghai Border inspection authority has implemented 16 new measures to promote the development of service shipping enterprises. Through front-of-line service and window handling, the customs clearance time of international vessels carrying imported vegetables and fruits, liquefied natural gas and other materials for people’s livelihood has been continuously reduced to achieve fast delivery and unloading.It is reported that during the Spring Festival, the “Spott” natural gas carrier, carrying 90 million cubic meters of liquefied natural gas, berthed at Shanghai’s Yangshan port, becoming the first natural gas carrier to enter China in the Year of the Tiger.Yangshan Border Inspection Station strictly implemented the epidemic prevention and control measures of “no landing, no boarding, no boarding unless necessary”, strengthened communication with agents and terminal operators before ships arrived at the port, and completed the pre-inspection work of ships and personnel through the Shanghai Single-window border inspection licensing service platform in advance.After the ship arrived at the port, it took less than one hour to complete the border inspection and customs clearance procedures to ensure the safe and rapid loading and unloading of more than 90 million cubic meters of LIQUEFIED natural gas.According to the statistics of Shanghai Airport side station, since the beginning of this year, pudong International Airport has accumulated more than 8,200 flights of international cargo planes, more than 220 flights per day.Editor: Wang Danqin