Shenzhen company online registration (registered company registration process)

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Shenzhen company online registration (registered company registration process), today minzhi financial agent xiaobian will provide free professional advice for your reference, I hope to have some help for you.Register the first step “nuclear name, first query and then register”.1. Market Supervision Administration shall apply for company name approval online (2-3 working days);And print the name of the pre-approval notice 2, market supervision bureau for business license, with the following information (one working day) 3, the above appointment and removal book can find minzhi financial consultation 4, with business license, legal person ID card engraved official seal, financial chapter;5. Apply for enterprise organization code certificate and digital certificate by business license and legal person ID card;6. Apply for tax registration certificate (national tax, local tax) by business license and organization code certificate;The first article: Shenzhen minzhi financial bookkeeping tax company