King of Glory New Year activities, the year of the Tiger limited to buy four free one, qiangwei Pavilion activities officially began to exchange!

2022-05-29 0 By

As you all know, the New Year is coming soon, and many activities are coming soon, so let’s take a look at some of the benefits.First of all, the long-awaited tiger year will finally be officially launched, including Lu Ban and Pei catch tiger two legendary skin, I believe that we have decided to buy which skin.And there is another key point in this activity, that is, every purchase of a tiger limit can get coupons, the more you buy the more coupons, the maximum can get 670 coupons, everyone joked that this is equivalent to the skin buy four get one free.At the same time rose pavilion activities also officially began.In this activity, as long as you complete the task will be able to carry out the lottery, and the prize of the lottery is the heart of rose, if you are lucky and have the opportunity to directly obtain the skin, recently Sun Shangxiang rose lover redo the effect is just online, if there is a small partner want to start do not miss oh!Every important festival will open the mystery store, in the mystery store we want a lot of skin will be discounted, including all kinds of legend skin will be discounted, so if you want to start with the skin might as well wash your hands before taking out the mystery store to improve the probability of taking out the ideal skin.Which activity are you most looking forward to during this Spring Festival?Welcome message interaction ~