Hao Wei manufacturing: Renyi Shandong Taishan team into the super output big household, the new season team has much influence

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Recently, with Guo Tianyu overseas to become wu Lei after the Second Chinese players overseas.From the value and strength contrast, Guo Tianyu to play overseas or appear in the security.In The matter of Guo Tianyu staying abroad, Shandong Taishan team did not set up too many obstacles, by the national fans of the praise.It is well known that hao Wei has sent out three international-level players since his appointment in addition to Guo Tianyu.Let’s talk about it with you.First: the mid-league transfer of Hao Junmin, Taishan team release to help its dream.Since hao Wei took over, the team has brought in Asian top defender Sun Jun-ho, retained European star Marouane Fellaini, and returned moises. With the arrival of Chinese Super League star Xu Xin, Hao Jun-min’s position has been greatly affected and gradually faded out of the starting position in the team.In fact, Hao Junmin is very important to taishan Team. First of all, he is an absolute big brother of the team in the dugout and a good man recognized by domestic players.On the pitch, Hao Wei’s experience in the field is also fully equipped with the strength of reserve midfield, and hao Wei played as a wing midfielder in Schalke 04. Hao Wei’s excavation and transformation of the player’s characteristics can leave a position for Hao Junmin to play.It is a heartwarming gesture for the club to help such an important player realize his dream of returning to his hometown, so that He can play for his hometown team at the end of his career.Second: the end of the league Xu Xin refused to renew his contract, transferred to the rival Team Shandong did not hinder.Seaport in the future very long professional league will become taishan team worthy of the name of the competitor, in such fierce competition, Xu Xin transferred to seaport, Shandong Taishan team did not retain its strong.First, the salary offered by Seaport is destined to exceed the salary in Taishan Team, so the club release is to allow players to earn more salary in their career to ensure their life after retirement.Second, Xu Xin in Taishan team can not guarantee a complete output position, but after going to the port, will be firmly established in the position.Shandong Taishan team overall hematopoietic ability is too strong, even if Xu Xin is not in the team there are still too many training talents and personnel available.And the port’s poor hematopoietic capacity could make Xu xin’s life more comfortable.Therefore, let Xu xin to his competitor, Shandong Taishan team this is to express their confidence in the overall strength of their team, but also to express the team is not lack of backup talent and full trust in hao Wei’s ability to dig and cultivate.Third: Guo Tianyu overseas, Shandong Taishan team generous release.Guo tianyu’s departure has a great impact on shandong Taishan team’s overall plan and preparation for the new season. As the absolute striker center of the team last season, his second goal number also shows his importance in the team’s attack line.As one of the few Chinese super league players who can sit firmly in the team, Guo Tianyu’s importance to Shandong Taishan is self-evident.The team is able to support Guo Tianyu so generously, one is his high sense of responsibility and contribution to Chinese football, the other is the perfect interpretation of the original intention of the team to build a century-old club.Guo Tianyu left the team, Shandong Taishan team in the intermittent period of the introduction of the inevitable impact, foreign aid configuration is bound to look for a and the team can play together with the center, in addition to the transfer market to find excellent foreign aid forward line, to hao Wei’s character, to strengthen the training of Delgado is also likely to be the focus of the new season.To sum up: before the start of the new season, Shandong Taishan team has opened under the leadership of Hao Wei. The departure of three national players has put forward higher requirements for the team’s overall strength and preparation for the new season.How to find the perfect position replacement and develop a suitable tactical system based on the existing players will be a big challenge for Hao Wei.Finally, I wish shandong Taishan team in the interval can bring enough surprise to the fans and enough confidence to support the team.Let the Taishan team continue their dynasty.