“Update of gale Warning Information” On March 25, Linhai City meteorological observatory issued a gale yellow warning “level iii/heavy”

2022-05-28 0 By

Linhai Meteorological Observatory will continue to issue yellow warning signal of strong wind at 21:55 on March 25, 2022:Due to the influence of low pressure and cold air, it is expected that there will still be 7-9 strong winds in the coastal sea and high mountain areas of our city from tonight to tomorrow. Duqiao, Shangpan, Taozhu and other coastal towns will be 6-8 strong winds, and all other inland towns (streets) will be 4-6 strong winds. Please continue to prevent the adverse effects of strong winds on maritime traffic and fishery production.On March 24, linhai City meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning of “level ⅲ / heavy” gale.–end–>