University graduation “school recruit” or “society recruit”, 211 seniors speak out correct solution, I hope you did not choose wrong

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Many college students do not want to find a job during the recruitment period when they graduate. They want to go back home and lie down for a while before continuing to look for a job.In this way, you can find a job that is closer to home and in line with your own wishes. However, some senior members of 211 elite universities have told you that if you can participate in campus recruitment, you should not participate in social recruitment. If you can find a job in the school, it is worthwhile even if you are far away from home.A lot of people, but after the school suddenly enlighted, regret, regret not to take part in the campus recruitment, some people think their school is not good, does not provide a good platform, but wait until out of their own, other less platform, a person’s strength and the power of a school how ratio?Why do upperclassmen at elite schools give this advice to new grads looking for jobs?Is the identity of the graduates really so important?Is campus organization’s official recruitment the best platform for new graduates?How to choose between campus recruitment and social recruitment?For people with no special family connections, or whose parents work in special enterprises, campus recruitment is often the best job hunting platform they will ever have access to.When recruiting students on campus, they can find enterprises and companies at the same level as their own colleges and universities. Many enterprises and companies will also go to various schools to recruit students. Even if the colleges and universities do not meet the general requirements of their own enterprises, only the graduates with excellent qualifications can be admitted.Therefore, at the end of the campus recruitment, it will be found that many one-book and two-book people are in the same company, that is because many companies for fresh graduates special care, on the degree of the lower limit.If you miss campus recruitment, you can only rely on yourself to get into large enterprises. Compared with campus recruitment, the difficulty of social recruitment of large enterprises is not at the same level. In order to respond to the national call, many large enterprises have lowered a lot of requirements for fresh graduates.Also in order to cultivate the company’s talent, so the difficulty of fresh graduates directly reduced two steps, in the social recruitment, the bigger the enterprise is the better the enterprise, the greater the difficulty of social recruitment, the more difficult to enter.Therefore, after graduation, many people often do not even have the qualification to participate in social recruitment, and it is particularly difficult for enterprises that are contemptuous of campus recruitment to enter through social recruitment.If you don’t go to campus recruitment, in fact, it is a waste of good opportunities for fresh graduates, because the state set requirements for many enterprises, if more recruitment of fresh graduates can give enterprises tax relief, and state-owned enterprises are to come up with a certain position to recruit fresh graduates every year.The state is to take care of the employment pressure of fresh graduates, so that fresh graduates can compete fairly with experienced people in the work, if the fresh graduates do not go to campus recruitment, must think after graduation to go home to participate in social recruitment, then the identity of fresh graduates is not much meaning.It is very easy to find a good job when participating in campus recruitment, because many enterprises recruit on campus, fresh graduates will have a lot of choices, it is difficult for them to have so many choices after graduation.Not only that, at this time, fresh graduates can compare the recruitment conditions and salary of various companies to find the most suitable job, so that fresh graduates can also find a job they want to do, pay is good.Campus screening companies more formal many campuses in the selection of school recruitment enterprises will be screened, for some sales and such companies, there are some fraud nature of the company, campus recruitment is absolutely not allowed this kind of enterprise through screening, afraid of their own students cheated, causing adverse events on campus.Fresh students out of the campus to participate in social recruitment, will see a lot of shell companies and fake enterprises, bad enterprises do not fulfill the obligations of the enterprise, hire some people to do a few months immediately dismissed, not only that these bad enterprises do not cooperate with the national requirements to improve the salary and security system.The enterprises that are allowed by the school are usually more formal and will provide students with specific security system, which is more beneficial to students’ personal development.So fresh graduates can participate in campus recruitment to participate in campus recruitment, unless there are very good resources at home, otherwise in the campus recruitment, more can find and their higher degree of matching enterprises and jobs.Campus recruitment is offer fresh graduates of colleges and enterprises to find the best opportunity to work, if missed the campus recruitment, his home is not so easy to get another job, moreover also can be cheat when eat a lot of losses, what should seniors do to stand out in the middle of the campus recruitment, work to their most want success?What should this year’s student do to get the job he wants most?The most important thing for a fresh graduate to do when attending campus recruitment is to craft a carefully crafted resume that includes not only contact information, name, gender, household registration, home address and other basic information.Should also indicate that the college graduates belong to the post and willingness, and why the college graduates choose this job, engaged in this job has what advantages, excellent college graduates should show their outstanding achievements made during the school resume, show their skills.Take a good picture take a good picture is also very important, screening people in the screening resume will certainly look at the photos of fresh graduates, if only black and white photos are hard to avoid too bleak, fresh graduates can post color photos on the resume, find a good photo gallery to repair a picture, take their credentials to repair some of the better.Color resume more able to attract the attention of others, also can give a person more, good-looking appearance level can also help to the interview, fresh graduates to find a job is not easy, don’t miss the school recruit the best platform, don’t cry because it is lazy, in the recruitment season, sleeping in the dormitory, must be timely to go to the recruitment, don’t miss the golden nine silver ten, yue four recruiting season.What do you think of campus recruitment for fresh graduates?Welcome to comment.