Thousands of hydrogen cars will be operated during the Winter Olympics, and Wuhu has advantages in hydrogen energy equipment and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturing

2022-05-28 0 By

Since the opening of the Winter Olympic Games, more than 1,000 hydrogen energy vehicles have been put into operation for the Winter Olympic Games, ensuring travel services for officials and athletes. It is reported that Toyota motor, BAIC group, Yutong Bus, Foton motor and other hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and the Winter Olympic competition area is equipped with more than 30 hydrogenation stations.Petrochina has built four hydrogenation stations in the Beijing Winter Olympics area, which will be able to supply 5,500 kilograms of hydrogen per day during the Games.Since January 25 this year, wuhu, Anhui Province, has put into operation the first 15 hydrogen fuel buses, which are hydrogen fuel cell buses produced by Chery Wanda Hydrogen Energy.Chery is also an early automobile enterprise in the field of hydrogen energy. At present, Wuhu has prominent advantages in hydrogen energy equipment and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturing.Hydrogen fuel vehicle manufacturing, chery commercial vehicle headquarters is located in wuhu, wanda’s chery hydrogen production of hydrogen fuel cell buses, heavy card field, with the Canadian energy star (ENERSTAR CORPORATION) “strategic cooperation agreement”, the depth of cooperation in the field of fuel cell commercial vehicle, the two sides will jointly develop 49 tonnes of fuel cell card.In terms of hydrogen energy equipment, Wuhu Zhongding Hengsheng takes the lead in the field of domestic diaphragm compressors for hydrogen filling and hydrogenation stations.Morning of November 27, 2021, “ding heng sheng hydrogen diaphragm compressor in research and development production base project” ceremony, held at present in the prime of the tripod constant capacity has more than 500 units, with the foundation capacity after the project put into production, prime of the tripod constant capacity can reach 1500 units in the future, further consolidate the leading position of the diaphragm compressor.