The Ministry of Education issued a document, teacher salary will have change!No less than local civil servants

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On February 8, the Ministry of Education (MOE) released its work priorities for 2022, covering 35 key points in 6 categories, making it clear that the strategic priority of education development will be given in 2022.Screenshot from official website of Ministry of Education.According to the Main points of work for the Ministry of Education in 2022, the government will strengthen the salary guarantee for teachers in compulsory education to ensure that the average salary level of teachers in compulsory education is no lower than that of local civil servants.We will improve the funding guarantee mechanism for inclusive pre-school education, introduce a per-student public funding standard for preschool education at the national level to encourage local governments to increase it, and implement per-student fiscal allocation standards or per-student public funding standards for public kindergartens and per-student subsidies for inclusive private kindergartens, so as to raise the salary of kindergarten teachers.In addition, the Ministry of Education’s priorities for 2022 also include promoting the balanced development of high-quality compulsory education.We will issue guidelines on building a quality and balanced basic public education service system, and guide efforts to create a quality and balanced compulsory education at county level.Guidelines on developing collectivized schools.We will fully implement the policy of allowing students to enter local schools without having to take examinations and allowing all citizens to enroll in local schools on the same basis, and guide local governments in improving their school enrollment policies.Do a good job in education for children living with them.We revised and promulgated measures for the management of school roll, and strictly standardized the management of school roll.”Double reduction” emphasized to continue to focus on “double reduction” as the top priority, focus on consolidating the reduction results of discipline training institutions, in legal holidays, rest days, winter and summer holidays to guide the implementation of regular inspections.Strengthen the training and investigation of invisible variation, carry out special governance.Standardizing the behavior of training fees, strengthening the supervision of training fees in advance.We will guide local governments in implementing discipline training in senior high schools in strict reference to the policy requirements for compulsory education.We will promote legislation on supervision of off-campus education and training, strengthen law enforcement, improve law enforcement capabilities, and do a good job in law enforcement inspections.We will guide local governments in classifying non-disciplinary training institutions into sports, culture, art, science and technology, and other categories. We will promptly identify the competent departments, reflect the nature of public welfare, implement regular supervision, and prevent new wild growth.A national expert committee on After-school education and training has been established.We will organize a team of social supervisors trained outside the school to expand channels for social supervision.We will strengthen efforts to promote the physical health of college students, and reduce the myopia rate of children and adolescents by 0.5 to 1 percentage point compared with 2021.We will implement the plan to build national health schools and pilot schools for first-aid education.We will promote the pilot reform of aesthetic education for senior high school entrance examinations.We will promote labor education in primary and secondary schools, comprehensively strengthen agriculture-related education in colleges and universities, promote labor education in vocational colleges, and carry out vocational enlightenment education for primary and secondary school students.To guide the work of primary and secondary school labor education experimental areas, and continue to monitor the development of primary and secondary school students’ labor literacy.We will strengthen and improve students’ mental health education and implement a plan to promote students’ mental health.■ Comprehensive sources: official website of the Ministry of Education, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV network, etc. ■ Yue Yue