Pan Li said the truth of the 28 events will come to light

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Without further ado, let’s start with the dry stuff.As you all know, lawyer Penck has some good news about the progress of the case.Recently, Pan Daliu posted a video on social media, in which he said: “In the morning, the court held a session in court F, and immediately after the court S, I went to Kaifeng, Henan province with Xu’s mother, Yao’s father, and Mr. Huang Jihua, the evening talk anchor of Xunyang. We had a rest in Zhoukou, Henan Province, and we were very happy. I believe that the snow will be a good harvest year.”One message we can take from the words of Lawyer Panke is that the outcome of the trial must be quite good, otherwise Lawyer Panke would not be so happy.As you can see from the video, the group are walking and chatting in a good mood, which is clearly good news.After the end of the kaifeng event, Xu ma Yao dad will be rushed to Zhumadian again without stopping, with quietly Wei Wei confluence, to discuss the next move.Jing Jing also posted a video on her social media platform, saying that her live broadcast was cancelled tonight because she had something to deal with.According to the comments left behind the article, many netizens are concerned about the arrival of the two lawyers in Kaifeng, Henan Province.Some netizens expressed their support for Lawyers Pan and Li, Xu Ma and justice.Some netizens said, “See the dawn, Li Daliu come on!”Judging from the comments made by netizens, most of them expressed support for Xu ma and her lawyer, and looked forward to an early result of the “mistake-for-life case”.Xu’s mother, Yao’s father and Pan Ke also rushed to Kaifeng, Henan province.The netizen said that the plaintiff’s lawyer went to Kaifeng, which may be to prepare for the third meeting.From the professional point of view of lawyers, after the second meeting, it is impossible for them to disclose the news related to the “wrong change of life case”, and the news of the two lawyers we have seen so far only comes from the relevant online articles.Logically, if it is true that Pan dalil and Li Sheng arrived in Kaifeng, then their actions must be related to the “life-changing case”.Li daliu took a high-speed train from Beijing to Zhengzhou, then transferred to Kaifeng, live broadcast all the way.When he arrived in Zhengzhou, he ate a bowl of hot west, and bought an ice cream, the net friends shouted too cold, Li Sheng said with a smile, ice cream taste good in winter, the stomach cool comfortable!We guess, the stomach cool comfortable, is it a hint du Du to cool cool?Whether the guess is right or not, it sounds so comfortable!Because lawyers can’t disclose information about cases they represent, Pank’s words were cryptic, and some of the implications were left to savour.In his last release the children read bai Juyi’s poem “Peach Blossom in Da Lin Temple” : After April is done, the peach blossom in the temple begins to bloom.Long hate spring return not to find place, DO not know to turn into this.The general idea of the poem is that the flowers in April have all withered and the peach blossoms in The Ancient Temple are just in full bloom.I often feel sad for the passing of spring and have no place to look for it, but I do not know it has turned here.Simply put, nature’s spring has arrived!Good news about the life-changing case is on its way.Even if the truth doesn’t come out that quickly, at least the case is moving forward.How do you feel about that?Welcome to pay attention to @kai Shuah , leave your valuable opinions.