Not all girls are called “milk” girls

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There are many different types of two-dimensional girl characters, although I don’t know how you classify and define them.Last time leopard a cartoon told me that little girl will have “milk flavor”, although I don’t know what is the “milk”, also dare not ask more, but can be roughly feel is a what kind of feeling, I can use a very subjective classification gives a “milk flavor girl” category, is probably the slurred speech, very young,Thinking and logic are not up to adult feeling.Because the girl in the quadratic yuan is different from the reality, although the appearance is a girl, but in most cases, given is an adult personality.Of course, this is just a feeling, which may be related to the performance of the voice actor, the character’s personality, not really lisp.When it comes to “milk smell”, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Conna Conway in “The Kobayashi Dragon Maid”.It is emphasized here that the dragon Maid S of the Kobayashi family is due to the dubbing of the second part to meet their expectations.Most of the time the face is expressionless, children have no expression control ability, one second after the second cry laugh, and most of the time is a blank expression, roughly the feeling of Connor.Face baby fat, leg leg baby thick, it can be said is more ideal “milk flavor” feeling.In fact, Kangna’s personality is more casual and mischievous, but she has been repressing her desire to do things similar to girls of similar age…It’s about being a good kid, but it doesn’t seem like that underneath.Voice actor also have to mention, Long rope Maliya, the new generation of girls specializing in voice actor, voice is very “milk taste”, she looks some baby fat pretty lovely, overwhelming milk sound is very important, and adjust the voice line can match different types of girl role is really great.But her portrayal of Connor in season 1 was so unemotional that season 2 was a lot better.So you can enter the column.Raffey looks a bit like Connor and is voiced by the same voice actor. Raffey’s voice is more laid-back than Connor’s, but not as young or as repressed, just not showing it.When it comes to the milky girl in The Blue Line, the unicorn is right on target.The “milk taste” of unicorns is mainly reflected in their voice and appearance. Their face is young and round, and their voice is very young.But she said she wasn’t that kind of girl in person, and maybe there was a side to her that I didn’t see.Milk Girl case 3 White Sakuhua (” Angel came to me!”) The face is round, the voice is not extremely young, but the personality and expression is full of milk.To eat is very obedient, or is the full personality of the level of indifference, and other girls compared to not so heavy affinity.I even thought she was cool when I showed up.In the same work, Hoshino Nichito is also a girl with milk flavor. She is lively but not particularly flamboyant. When she is a few years older, the milk flavor will disappear.Milk girl case 4 Xiang Feng Zhi Nai (” today also want some rabbits?”) She is older, but still creamy, and is one of the more comfortable girl characters voiced by Hirose.As a whole, there is no aggression, as gentle as water, it is easy to call people like the affinity, no wonder Cocoa will be so like her, really want to call people hold up high.Milk girl case 5 bird swim chick (” to listen to dad “) really inarticulate, after all, set only 3 years old, naive character, no vigilance, Igarashi Yumei interpretation is also very in place.In the play is naive force fully open, who will not be taboo issued meng Meng attack…Milk flavor girl case 6 Miyauchi Lianhua (” Leisurely Everyday King “) In leisurely Everyday King, milk flavor exists.The voice seems to have just emerged from the era of inarticulate speech, but it should not have formed a complete world view, so the logic of action is unpredictable to others, the voice actor Oiwai Bird is also very god, the childish tone is very in place…Although most of the characters in this series are primary and junior high school students, only Meowpass has this kind of temperament.The above is just to give you a reference, because what is the “milk flavor” I also hard to say clearly, there is no accurate definition, therefore, we understand good.