Ma Jianyue announced his divorce: he finished his divorce last year

2022-05-28 0 By

SOS, do you remember Ma Jianyue, the debater who used to wear a small dress and argue with a group of scholars on “You Can Say Something”?In April 2019, ma Jianyue announced that she was going to marry her husband, Zhang Jie.Yesterday afternoon, Ma Jianyue announced her divorce from Zhang Jie last year in a post on her 26th birthday: “Mr. Zhang and I finished the divorce last year. I hope the New Year can meet more people and do more meaningful things!”Last October, she was making fun of her husband’s straight clothes in her Vlog. Is that why they divorced between October and December?But you can see that the mood of the Horse jian more or adjustment is good, after announcing divorce, she also teased divorce variety waiting for her.And she promised to take good care of her son, so custody should be on her side.Ma Jianyue and Zhang Jie got married in 2019 at the age of 23, and announced her pregnancy two months later.He was pregnant and married before marriage.In November, their son, now more than 2 years old, was born.In fact, More ma Jian parents have not been optimistic about Zhang Jie, that he did not have a fixed job, he de he can marry his daughter?Ma Jian more also revealed, when she opened zhang Jie in the bar to drink too much, two people to meet, the man or Ma Jian more backward chase.However, in the “Freshmen Diary” broadcast, had shown zhang Jie’s bar business is poor screen ↓ later netizens on the spot, found that the pub has closed.Horsejian more pregnancy Zhang Jie did not take care of her, too lazy to cook, too lazy to clean up the house, no sense of responsibility, horsejian more with a stomach to clean the house…This was controversial when the show was first aired.Now Ma Jian Yue announced divorce, we are congratulating her but, love, marriage, children, divorce, go through this whole process, Ma Jian Yue is only 26 years old, there is a good life waiting for her to enjoy ah ~