In 2011, villagers discovered that the Taoist idol could speak, and experts revealed the ignorant truth behind it

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There is a magical Taoist temple on helan Mountain – Sanqing Temple.The statue spoke and blinked, and countless people came to take pictures, and they were not disappointed. The king of News in the camera actually moved, his mouth closed and his eyes blinked.Local villagers said it was an apparition of gods, and they believed that the location of the temple had good feng shui, so the “violation” of science occurred.Anyway, since the discovery of the Taoist temple heard that the King of Heaven can talk, this thing like long wings, many people come to the name, to the economic development here has brought great power.Why on earth is this idol talking?Is it really immortal “spirit”?Sanqing Temple, a Taoist temple in the Helan Mountain Scenic Area, is more than 100 kilometers from Yinchuan.Into the hall is facing is sanqing like, next to the four protection of the King of Heaven, will talk is one of them called much smell of the king of Heaven.Since they knew that the idol could speak, the villagers came to see the wonder. The idol is a modern idol. It only speaks when you take a cellphone or camera to photograph it, otherwise it doesn’t move.”I heard that it can talk, I went to see, take the phone to see, is really moving, mouth a a, looking at is talking.””The eyes move too. It’s a blink. It’s amazing.”The villagers are very interested in the talking idol. They have all been there and seen the talking idol. They think it is auspicious.One day, the TV staff came to the temple with a camera, but unexpectedly, this time the idol did not speak, no matter which position and Angle, the idol is still.A couple of tourists come to the back, a couple with a little child, and they come into the temple to see the idol speak.”Mom, it’s moving!The child said excitedly to his mother.The images from the camera in the mother’s hand show that the idol inside is indeed moving, as if talking and blinking.The father of the child also sighed: “Actually can move, before I thought it was a marketing method to deceive people, this time to see it can really move, I feel so magical.”Not only that, the mother found that standing in a certain position with the camera made his mouth move faster.To test this, she took a photograph of every idol in the temple and found that none of the other idols moved except the Lord of Many.”It’s strange that he’s the only one moving. Didn’t they all build the statues together?All materials should be the same. Why should he be the only one who moves?””Yes, I also feel very strange, is it really the villagers said the immortal appeared?””That will keep us safe with the gods.”The family left the temple talking and laughing.Since learning that the idol could speak, more and more tourists come to see the idol every day.”Look, it’s really moving!”It was like a spell.”The villagers are curious about this phenomenon and have heated discussions about their opinions.At this time, the TV cameraman used the camera to take pictures of the gods in the temple again, and found that there was no miracle of the gods speaking, he felt very strange, why these tourists’ cameras can, and his camera can not?He felt that there must be something behind it, and his first guess was that there was some mechanism inside the statue of the well-informed King, which would react to some light or other conditions and create such a spectacle.Listening to their discussion, local villagers said that these were just a few ordinary statues with nothing in them, and that it was impossible because many people in their village were involved in the construction of the statues.”What mechanism is not mechanism, this inside is built out of mud, impossible to have those complicated mechanism.””Rightness, this is absolutely not we use mechanism to intentionally attract everybody, be a normal statue.”The villagers swear that this Taoist temple inside the idol, many of them have participated in, there is no mechanism, it seems that this possibility must be ruled out.Even the designer of the idol could not design a second talking idol. In fact, the first person who discovered the idol could talk was tang Xi, the designer behind the idol.At that time, Tang Xi came here the first time after he knew that the statues he designed had been built. He took a photo of each statue carefully with his mobile phone, as he wanted to commemorate his work.But when he caught the camera, he was surprised to find that He was talking and blinking!His first reaction was to feel frightened, wondering if he was dazzled and how could he see such an unscientific thing. He rubbed his eyes and looked again for the second time, still blinking his eyes and talking.Then he was completely disturbed. He knew exactly what was going on. It was a simple idol made of clay.At that time, the museum had just been built, and there was still some follow-up work to be done. Therefore, before some of the construction workers left, Tang Xi found them and asked them to help take a look at the video shot in his mobile phone.The workmen were very frightened when they saw that the idol was talking.”How is this?Isn’t this the statue of the King we built the other day?””Well, nothing strange happened while we were building.””Why is it that the more I think about it, the more FRIGHTENED I am?Is there anything strange in this Taoist temple?”They were afraid that there was something really bad in the temple. That night, three of the five workers ran away.Tang Xi, the designer of the statue, was also a little scared. Without hesitation, he told the staff of the Helan Mountain Scenic Management Area about his discovery.He spoke seriously, reporting his findings and the comments of local villagers and workers to the administration staff, who listened to him as if he were some kind of joke.”Don, are you telling us some fantasy story?”A leader said to the colleague beside: “ha ha, old Tang is shaanxi people, love to brag!”Say that finish, present colleague all laughed.When the reporter interviewed the scenic staff, Cao Jigang, manager of Ningxia Suyukou National Forest Park, said: “The first time Tang told us this, we all felt incredible, thinking he was the designer of the statue, as if he was just bragging about himself. No one believed him.”Tang Xi is in a hurry to change his mind, this thing is too strange, I am afraid that there will be uncontrollable factors, resulting in bad influence.So he quickly took out the video in his mobile phone and showed it to the leader. Only after the leader saw it did he really believe it, but he was also very shocked.Two days later, helan Mountain scenic area management staff a group of people set foot on the journey to Sanqing View, they went to test, found that as old Tang said, take a mobile phone or camera to take the king, he will speak.They had never seen such a magical phenomenon before. Maybe this talking idol could make the name of Sanqing guan famous.In fact, after a period of fermentation, idol will speak things, from the mouth of the surrounding villagers spread, Sanqingguan a bang and red, tourists all over the country have come to watch this magical phenomenon.The designer behind tang Xi was also invited by many other scenic spots to help them design such a talking idol to attract tourists.Tang Xi also agreed to help them design gods, but let Tang Xi never thought that he could not design like the king of Heaven as talking gods.Although he was designed strictly to the scale of the King of Heard, there was no magical effect like the idol speaking.This made Tang Xi puzzled. Why couldn’t he speak when he copied it strictly to scale?What is the mystery of the idol speaking?In order to see the king speak, experts have to use a camera to shoot and watch. The spectacle is impossible to see with the naked eye, and many visitors suspect it has something to do with the sensation of light.Zhang Xinlan, a physics professor at Ningxia University, said that what we see physically moving is a change caused by alternating light and shade, a process in which the alternating light and shade creates the illusion to our eyes that something fixed is moving.The effective premise of this explanation is that the light received by the gods in the Taoist temple is not the same, but it is obvious that all the gods in the Taoist temple are exposed to the same brightness of light, obviously this explanation is not enough.Observing the statues of gods in the Taoist temple again, it was found that only the mouth of duowen Heavenly King was slightly open, while the mouths of the other three heavenly Kings were closed. Could it be related to this special design?Tang Xi, the designer of the idol, said he only wanted to create a different image to make him more personal, not for any particular purpose.He also explained that the lips of the King of Odors were painted camphor, which is a bright color, whereas in the temple, where the light is a little darker, this color is a little brighter and arouses respect.We know that we can only see the phenomenon of hearing the King speak when holding the camera, so the magic phenomenon of the idol speaking may have something to do with his special design, as well as the camera itself.In order to solve the doubts as soon as possible, the program group invited the northern university for Nationalities physics department lei teacher came to decrypt.Lei teacher to the Taoist temple inside with a camera, each of the statues have been filmed and observed, and then he said confidently: “I already know.”To test his claim, he led us through two experiments without telling us the results first.First of all, he asked the staff to take a piece of white paper and put it into the mouth of King Wen so that the outline of king Wen’s mouth was very clear and the contrast between the painted lips and the white paper inside was also obvious. At this time, when I took the camera again, I found that King Wen Really did not speak any more.In the second experiment, he asked the staff to set up a camera on a tripod and observe the king and found that he also stopped talking.Mr. Lei then explained to us that this phenomenon is related to CCD imaging.In imaging, the device converts light signals into electrical signals, which, after some conversion, are converted into video signals.And if it’s dark in a place, it doesn’t do a good job of recognizing light signals, and it can’t tell where it is when it converts electrical signals, so there’s a difference.To put it more simply, the digital cameras used by tourists take images made up of millions of dots, also known as pixels.When the light is dark, it will capture the color is not clear, especially the camera with low pixels is more obvious, this time the light changes, it will capture the color will change to change, there will be idol will move such a spectacle.The reason why tourists’ cameras could record the idol talking, but the TV cameras couldn’t, was because the TV cameras had too high pixels to capture more clearly, so they couldn’t see the idol talking.Another point is that the body of the tourist will shake slightly when taking photos with the camera. Although the shake is very small, the deviation of the signal will be enough to produce the effect of the idol moving.Mr Lei had put a piece of white paper in the mouth of the king of Heard so that the outline of his mouth would be clearer so that the camera could capture the signal more accurately.The wonder that made the idol, as it is called, speak, was only because it had been designed to open its mouth slightly.The mystery that the idol speaks is solved, it is just an imaging principle in physics. We should believe in science, respect science, and look at all kinds of wonders with scientific eyes.