China Morning Post | Stranded personnel in Xi ‘an began to leave the city, a Taiwan F-16V fighter plane lost contact

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Xi ‘an, Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, on Monday issued a policy on leaving the city for those staying in medium-high risk areas and counties (development zones).For those who stay in other districts and counties (development zones), it is not necessary to leave the city. If they do need to leave the city, they shall obtain the approval of the street offices (towns) or the development zones and leave the city with a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours and a “green code” of health code.Conference venue in tianjin, the outbreaks have been found infected with related epidemic prevention and control in tianjin jinnan 165th press conference, tianjin center for disease control and prevention, director of tianjin Han Jinyan introduction, deputy director of the health committee according to the field epidemiological information transmission chain, combing the current outbreak this outbreaks mainly by students and their families, funeral activities,And the people affected communities as the center, distributed in Jinnan, Xiqing and Hexi district.At present, the source of infection in this outbreak has not been identified, and hidden community transmission occurred when the outbreak was discovered, but the transmission relationship among the infected persons was relatively clear, and all the infected persons were related to southern Tianjin.Zhang bl:Chinese medicine against Mr Mick Dijon treatment effect held on January 11, tianjin COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work at a news conference, said zhang bl academician, Chinese medicine in the treatment of the dense gram si, will play a more important role, this treatment is based on previous experience, especially outside the treatment has obtained the good effect, improve the symptoms,Especially fever, sore throat, cough these symptoms improve very obvious.In addition, its time of turning negative is relatively fast, and the rate of turning negative is relatively low. Therefore, it shows that the curative effect reflected in the previous TCM treatment is still outstanding this time, and the therapeutic effect of TCM is still relatively good.Candidates can check their scores and scores of the written test for civil Servants to be recruited in 2022 by the Central Government and its directly affiliated institutions on Monday.This year, when demarcating the score line for passing the written examination, we not only took into account the basic qualities that newly recruited civil servants must possess, but also took into account the different requirements of civil servants’ abilities for different types and levels of organs. At the same time, we gave certain policy preference to grassroots positions in western regions and remote areas.According to the latest news from Taiwan media, an F-16V fighter plane numbered 6650 of the Taiwan Air Force crashed in the afternoon of November 11 while conducting bombing training at shuixi Shooting range in Chiayi, Taiwan. Captain Chen piloted the plane.It is understood that the aircraft captain pilot did not parachute, the air force is currently sending members of the search and rescue, “coast Guard” and the air force corps are also conducting the search and rescue.The new government of Kazakhstan was inaugurated on Sunday afternoon by a decree signed by President Kazak Tokayev. The list includes the first deputy prime minister, deputy prime Minister, chief of staff and ministers.On The morning of The 11th, Ali Khan Smelov was appointed as the new prime minister of Kazakhstan.In accordance with Tokayev’s instructions, the new government will formulate a government action Programme for 2022 within three weeks.The document will be considered at an expanded meeting of the Government planned for February.The World Bank expects the global economy to grow 5.5 percent in 2021 and 4.1 percent in 2022, both down 0.2 percentage points from previous forecasts, according to its latest Global Economic Outlook.The global economic recovery is expected to slow significantly due to the spread of COVID-19, reduced policy support in economies and persistent supply chain bottlenecks, with output in emerging market and developing economies expected to remain well below pre-pandemic levels, the report said.Data figure who warned that Europe more than half the population will be over the next six to eight weeks infection Mr Mick Dijon strain on January 11, local time, director of the who regional office for Europe, Hans, lv hot warned that Europe is expected to more than half of the population will be in the next six weeks to eight weeks variant will be coronavirus Mr Mick Dijon strain.He revealed that in the first week of 2022, more than 7 million new confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in the WHO European region, more than doubling the number of confirmed cases in two weeks.As of 10 January, 26 countries in the region reported weekly novel coronavirus infections in more than 1% of the population.The Intermediate People’s Court in Hotan prefecture recently upheld the final ruling on the first xinjiang case involving the crime of infringing upon the honor and honor of heroes and martyrs, rejecting an appeal by the defendant surnamed Li.At the scene of the court