Welcome New Year, send warmth!The Party Committee of The Public Security Bureau of Guangning County actively carried out visiting activities before the Spring Festival

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Sound greetings show true feelings, deep care warm people.In order to further implement the various CongYouDaiJing measures, convey the bureau party committee of the general civilian police, auxiliary police officers and their families concern and care, further create a harmonious and warm JingYing atmosphere, strengthen the police team’s cohesion and centripetal force in the Spring Festival of 2022, guangning county public security bureau party committee attaches great importance to, organize visits condolences activities before the Spring Festival.On the afternoon of January 30th, Zheng Jingsheng, deputy head of the county people’s government, party secretary of the Public Security Bureau and director of the Public Security Bureau, accompanied by Zhou Feng, party member of the bureau and deputy director of the Public Security Bureau, visited the police, auxiliary police and armed police officers and soldiers in the detention center, and extended holiday greetings and New Year’s greetings to them.During the visit, Zheng Jingsheng kindly inquired about the situation of duty preparation and combat readiness training during the Spring Festival, and asked all the police, auxiliary police and armed police officers and soldiers to continue to actively perform their duties and stick to their posts. During the Spring Festival, they should carry forward the fighting spirit of continuous operation and not fearing hardship, and make their own contributions to the security and stability of the county.On January 29, Chen Shaohua, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and political commissary of the Public Security Bureau of The county, lu Guoquan, party member of the bureau and director of the political office, attended the forum of the Public Security Bureau of Guangning County in 2022 Spring Festival to comfort the difficult police and auxiliary police.At the meeting, Chen Shaohua had a cordial talk with the visitors, asking them in detail about their difficulties in work and life, encouraging them to keep an optimistic and positive attitude, face up to difficulties, build up confidence and overcome difficulties.Chen Shaohua said, the bureau of the Party committee will adhere to the development of love police warm police activities, the maximum to understand what you think, think, to solve the need.January 29, 30, the county public security bureau sent a number of groups of special condolation team, has visited the retired cadres, police and sacrifice in the line of duty police families, etc., for them to send holiday greetings and blessings.In the comfort object home, comfort group comrade and they have a thorough talk.To understand their health, life and family conditions, and introduce the work of guangning public security in 2021, told them to take care of their health, often go home to see.The Spring Festival visit activity is one of the measures of the Party Committee of The Public Security Bureau of Guangning County to implement the “excellent police”, so that the majority of police, auxiliary police and their families feel the deep care of the bureau Party Committee, further condensed the police heart, inspired the morale, ignited the morale, inspired the enthusiasm.We have said that will be more full of spirit, solid style, continue to stick to their posts, for the county social security overall stability to make their due contributions.(Gao Mansheng)