The medical team from the Affiliated Hospital of Jiujiang University arrived in Shanghai to fight the epidemic immediately

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Jiujiang News – At 18:30 on April 3, the Special train of Jiangxi and Shanghai anti-epidemic train departed from Nanchang West Railway Station, and the jiujiang medical team headed for the front line to fight the epidemic with the people of Shanghai.The affiliated hospital of Jiujiang University sent 21 members of the team, from receiving orders to assemble the team, to go to Shanghai with the large army, and then to the official work, full schedule, full task arrangement, the members almost did not rest, the beginning of the results.Training!Safety is the top priority although 11 of the 21 members of the team are experienced in helping Hubei, the prevention and control work team is like a wooden barrel, and one omission can determine the whole.Due to the tight time and urgent task, the staff in charge of sense control in affiliated Hospital of Jiujiang University began to train all the team members on sense of hospital and sort out a lot of work during the journey.Every detail was strictly controlled, from the division of the three districts of the hotel, to garbage sorting and disposal, and to the time node of hand hygiene, so as to reduce the risk of infection in the later work.The medical team from the Affiliated Hospital of Jiujiang University arrived at the hotel at 2:00 a.m. on The 4th.Yu Shenghui, head of the team, said that the medical team of jiujiang University Affiliated Hospital is supporting the work of the makeshift hospital, but according to the instructions of the Shanghai epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the medical team has not entered the capsule before fully supporting the nucleic acid collection task in Shanghai.Therefore, after finishing the elimination work and settling down the personnel, we did not have time to pack our bags, quickly adjusted the state, organized overnight to carry out intensive personal protection training, and prepared for the work to begin at any time.Yin Meixia and Li Baolan, the team members with experience in assisting Hubei, instructed everyone to put on and take off the protective clothing in the hotel. The training was conducted until 4:30 in the morning, and all the team members strictly followed the procedures to master the protective clothing.Vanguard!At 5 o ‘clock in the morning of the 4th, the team members had not rested for an hour when they received the instruction to set out for nucleic acid collection work.Everyone immediately reassembled and threw themselves into the large-scale nucleic acid sampling force in Shanghai with full enthusiasm.When they arrived at the collection site, the team members were warmly welcomed by the Shanghai community staff. The community, village and town work was orderly. The inspection personnel had been arranged according to the district and the household on time, and the work efficiency had been greatly improved.The team of Affiliated Hospital of Jiujiang University is not willing to stop easily because of any of their own problems, masks and goggles in the face of the members of the deep traces, but they just want to go into the community and race against time to sample residents, one day, the team completed more than 11,000 nucleic acid sampling tasks.Don’t slack off!After non-stop travel, training and a heavy day’s work, the team got a short rest.The next day, April 5, under the coordination of The Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, some members of the medical team from the Affiliated Hospital of Jiujiang University went to the MAKESHIFT hospital for docking, while others continued to receive intensive training on follow-up work of the makeshift hospital in the hotel.After a day of field work, in order to prevent gathering, we sent the video of wearing and taking off to the wechat group for punching in, and Yin Meixia and Zhang Ting conducted strict assessment on all the team members one by one to ensure that everyone passed the test.State of medical aid Shanghai players always touched the hearts of the colleges of led 5 late at night, in WeChat group, dean xiao-ping Yin conveyed jiujiang university party secretary zhao concern and sympathy for the players, and on behalf of the hospital party and government leadership concern, team work and life for said if home have what difficulty must report to the hospital, the hospital must provide effective help.The leaders of the hospital also asked everyone to protect themselves strictly according to the protection requirements, pay attention to rest, follow the unified command of the superior, and help each other.The players have said, “with the care and support of the school leadership, more excited, must live up to their trust, in the protection of their own safety at the same time, high quality to complete the task!”(Contributed by Affiliated Hospital of Jiujiang University)