No matter what kind of fish is steamed, two “key” to do well, delicious and tender fish, delicious is not fishy

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No matter what steamed fish, two “key” to do well, delicious and tender fish, not fishy fish is a kind of high protein food, protein is very important to the human body, if the intake of too little protein, will affect the body immunity, as well as the body’s various functions, we can eat more fish at ordinary times.Fish fresh and delicious, the price is not expensive, in addition to protein, but also rich in vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, with the promotion of growth, brain intelligence, physical fitness, prolong life and so on.The fish is white and tender, suitable for a variety of cooking, such as braising in brown sauce, sweet and sour sauce, stew, etc., compared with the original cooking or steamed fish.Steamed fish is simple to make, but it is not easy to do well.Whether river fish or sea fish, there is a fishy smell, if not processed, braised in soy sauce, stew and other practices, seasoning can go to the fishy flavor, eat up not so fishy.However, in order to highlight the original flavor of steamed fish, less seasoning is added. If you do not master the correct method, no matter what steamed fish will be particularly fishy.Today we are going to talk about the skills of making steamed fish.When making steamed fish, if you want to taste good, the ingredients and methods are two key points. If one step is not done well, the fish will not taste good.1, ingredients to do steamed fish fish, must be fresh fish, can not use dead fish or frozen fish, it is best to kill now steamed, taste and taste is the best.What’s the source of the fishy smell?Many people think it is fishy line, said to pull it out of the fishy.In fact, the fishy line is also called the side scale line, and the fishy smell has nothing to do.When killing fish, it is necessary to deal with the five parts to remember, namely gills, pharyngeal bone, blood, viscera, black membrane.Once the fish is cleaned, the smell of fish is reduced by more than half.2, the way to deal with clean fish, more or less still residual some fishy smell, you need to use the right seasoning to fishy.What kind of dressing do you use?Pepper, star anise and other spices can not be put, can only use onion, ginger, which has a few details to pay attention to, let’s see.Prepare fresh fish, green Onions, ginger, green red pepper, light soy sauce, cooking wine, cooking oil.1, buy a fish, no matter what fish can, such as soles, crucian carp, grass carp, bass, the size should be appropriate, a catty half to two catty is the best.2, kill the fish, you can let the fishmonger to help kill, you can also take back to kill yourself, I always take back to kill yourself, this is the freshest method, after killing clean steam, taste very tender.Remember what is said above, fish gill, fish pharyngeal bone, fish blood, viscera, black membrane, one does not leak to handle well.3, rinse the fish clean, on both sides of the flower knife, which is conducive to the fishy, and cooked faster, pickled is also convenient to taste.4. Prepare scallion and ginger, slice scallion and ginger in part and slice scallion and ginger in part.In the belly of the fish stuffed with some green Onions, ginger slices, the fish body with some cooking wine, pickled for half an hour, can quickly remove the smell of fish.5. Half an hour later, put some shallots and ginger slices on the plate and put the fish on the plate.Boil a pot of boiling water, throw a handful of sichuan pepper in the pot, steam the fish plate for 10 minutes, steam out after cooked.6. Throw away the Onions and ginger from the fish, and then pour the soup off the plate, or put it directly on another plate.Put some light soy sauce along the plate, and put some green onion, ginger and chili shreds on the fish. Heat some hot oil in the pot and pour it on the green onion, ginger and chili shreds to arouse the fragrance. In this way, the steamed fish is ready, fresh and tender without fishy taste.Do you notice a few details about how to make steamed fish?1, fish to the fishy to use a three-piece set of “green onion, ginger, cooking wine”, can effectively go fishy.This pot steamed, cooking wine will evaporate, can take away the smell of fish.Remember not to use salt, which will thicken the texture of the fish.2. The fish can be steamed for 10 minutes. The fish is very cooked.3, after the fish steamed, the soup on the plate to pour away, it is not fresh juice, but the fishy water, leaving will only make the steamed fish particularly fishy.4, green onion and ginger should be splashed with hot oil to stimulate the fragrance, and to better go to the fishy fragrance.Think my article is good, please give me a like, comment, forward, favorites, follow, see you next time.