Feeling the warm spring Keep shining badge | reunion, to protect the peace, shaanxi in the action of public security at the airport

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In order to ensure the safety of the people, the civil auxiliary police of the Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Department and airport Public Security Bureau have been working hard to maintain stability, fight crimes, protect safety and serve the masses. They have made efforts to ensure the security and stability of the airport area and protect the lights of thousands of families.1. Strengthening patrol and maintaining public order East District Police Station persisted in epidemic prevention and control work, strengthened patrol and prevention in key areas under its jurisdiction, organized civilian auxiliary police to carry out continuous patrol in key areas under its jurisdiction, improved the police rate in public areas, and severely cracked down on disorderly behavior.2 warm service for the masses, warm passengers home adhere to the combination of strict law enforcement and warm service, sincere service past passengers, timely for the masses to answer doubts, looking for lost items, warm the hearts of the people with police, wholeheartedly serve the people, warm passengers home, with practical action to practice the people’s police initial mind and mission.With the elimination of COVID-19 in the community, the East District police Station focused on both epidemic prevention and public security to escort the resumption of work and production.On the one hand, trucking, organization of civilian police to return to work and production on-site inspection instruction, and inquire about their return to work and rework personnel base, key master source of employees, personnel, etc., in the key areas to guide work enterprise audit checks for rework employees, strictly implement the “who labor who is in charge of”, to urge enterprises to put good employees health entrance;On the other hand, carefully check whether the fire passageway is smooth, whether the normal use of fire facilities, and urge enterprises to rectify in time.4. Joint patrol and control to eliminate hidden dangers east District Police Station and relevant airport departments set up patrols to carry out joint public security prevention, strengthen public security patrol and guard inspection in the area, eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers in time, and create a good festive atmosphere.5 protect people’s property, carry out anti-fraud propaganda in order to further enhance people’s awareness of prevention and combat telecom fraud crime, the police of east Police Station carried out propaganda activities to prevent telecom fraud.The Spring Festival is coming to celebrate reunion. In the critical period when the epidemic prevention and control achieved initial victory, all the auxiliary police of the East District police Station resolutely responded to the call of their superiors to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot and stick to their posts.To ensure Spring Festival transportation safety, they abandoned the family reunion, with practical action and without regrets pay guardian wanjiadenghuo, woven with blood and loyalty to the happiness and happiness, fully display the airport public security “is concluded, played to win, good” fine style of work, the party with a naked land stability.Correspondents: Yao Liyu, Ren Haoyue Beijing: Fan Jing Reproached: Ma Ning