The construction of temporary centralized quarantine points in Shizong was carried out quickly and orderly

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Handheld qujing in order to further implement the disease prevention and control measures, prepared, encounter, on April 2, shizong county start concentrated isolated points in construction, as of April 6 in the morning, the first 150 isolation room can consign is used, a phased victory for isolation point construction, build up a solid to my county epidemic prevention and control of epidemic prevention.On the evening of April 4, the reporter went to the construction site, the site leveling work has been completed, concrete pouring and other follow-up work.At 22 o ‘clock on April 5, the reporter visited the construction site again. In less than 24 hours, isolation board houses had been set up on the site.Yu Zhi, deputy manager of the 13th Department of Yunnan Construction Investment Co., LTD., introduced to the reporter: “Now the whole basic part of our project, including the installation of 150 movable board houses, can be completed this evening. According to the requirements of Shizong County Committee and government, 150 people can live there.Board room inside it is a single room, completely closed, the entire ceiling wall completely closed, toilet is independent toilet.We have offices, living areas for staff throughout the quarantine area, and one management room for each row of houses.”On April 2nd, concentrated isolation point of project construction starts, shizong county actively mobilize all resources, related to construction as a whole, the construction unit, condensed the largest consensus, maximum force, carry on, go all out to all the contractors to smell make the move, against the wind, and grasped the nettle and on the premise of strictly implement the disease prevention and control measures,Scientific organization, with concerted efforts, efficient construction, coordinated operations, to build a solid defense line against the epidemic!Yu Zhixian, deputy manager of the 13th department of Yunnan Construction Investment Fourth Construction Co., LTD., said, “The seven duty departments of our fourth construction investment Company are equivalent to seven project departments to build this project.During the whole construction process, it was difficult for us to mobilize personnel and materials due to the epidemic, so we tried every means to bring materials and personnel in from Qujing and Kunming.All personnel come to this place, almost all work for 24 hours without stopping for a minute, including meals are sent to the site to eat.Every day we are full of enthusiasm to do this project, this is our responsibility and mission, we will strive to complete the project quality and quantity on time.”The total construction area of isolation board houses in Shizong County is 146,000 square meters, including 77,000 square meters in the south area (Dabupou, Qingshan Road) and 67,000 square meters in the north area (Red brick Factory).As of April 6 in the morning, has invested 130 management personnel, construction personnel 1200 people, the roller 12, 24 sets of wheel loader, excavator, more than 60 units, transport vehicles 212, four days completed including field leveling, houses, basic work of building and installation of the first 150 isolation room can consign is used, April 6 can be arrange in batches,The construction of the isolation site has achieved a phased victory, building a solid fortress for epidemic prevention and control in Shizong County. The whole construction project is expected to be completed and put into use by April 16.