Rob a comedian of his job?Tan Qiao two fairy bridge uncle partner said cross talk, the effect is not lost professional actors

2022-05-26 0 By

On Feb 7, Tan Qiao, who had been out of the public eye for some time, became active again during this period.These two days, Tan Qiao and two fairy bridge uncle cooperated with a cross talk, is also achieved quite good results, won a lot of netizens praise and sought after, two people cooperate quite tacit understanding, a hold a funny, comedic effect is not lost professional cross talk actors, many netizens ridicule, two groups of CP, this is to rob the rhythm of the cross talk actors rice bowl.Speaking of two xian bridge uncle, I believe that many users are not strange, can be regarded as “Tan talk about traffic” in the soul of the figure, up to now, this meme is still the majority of users with pleasure, and now, Tan Joe with two Xian bridge uncle video, is also to help him from the side, can be said to be very admirable.As once by the TV show burst red Tan Joe, not able to seize the dividend of short video, behind and because of various reasons, the program stopped broadcasting.Also because of excessive pressure depression, let many fans feel distressed.Now, Tan Qiao returned to the public again, his works are more and more interesting, but many netizens still miss the original work in the front line, to bring a lot of joy for the audience Tan Qiao.In general, today’s Tan Qiao returned again, popularity is still hot, the video content is more and more interesting, still in the efforts to popular science some traffic knowledge, in fact, Tan Qiao and the red anti-fraud Old Chen, with their own actions to affect more people, let the future become more beautiful.It is worth mentioning that once rely on pulling goods for a living two xian bridge uncle, now is also on the road of live with goods, income than the year to increase a lot, all this can not be separated from the help of Tan Joe, so that he can have a better living environment and lifestyle.Anyway, or hope in the New Year, Tan Qiao and two xian bridge uncle can have more cooperation and linkage, but also hope to see more wonderful content in the future, the future can be better.