“Meta-universe, Toward the Future”, The Unique “Opening Ceremony” of Gaoqiao Primary School in Fuyang

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Opening ceremony is fuyang Yinhu street Gaoqiao primary school has been continuing the “old tradition”, and this year’s “meta-universe, towards the future” is the school’s special interpretation of the Asian Games year.”These small but beautiful rituals can bring children a sense of happiness and trust, as well as a romantic and ideal campus space,” said Zhou Wei, principal of Gaoqiao Primary School.”The world, more love more wonderful.I can’t wait for the snow to fall…”This morning, under the cheerful rhythm of the theme song of the Winter Olympics, the children carrying school bags, walked through the thermometer shed, from the hands of the principal and deputy principals received a “opening ceremony”.On the red carpet, the principals, wearing big red scarves, smiled and said: “Children, I hope you have the courage to work hard: life without interest, dream in your heart, light in your eyes.””May you be diligent in learning: learn, let us have the stars of the sea.””Trust you to be confident: you and I together make the most confident sound.””You will take responsibility: remember your mission, and your future will be bright.””Keep it up, boy: test yourself again and again.””Son, may you have the courage to pursue your dreams: if your dreams have a direction, they must be toward the future.”The children can’t wait to open the “opening ceremony”, look at the dream card, happy.Originally, above is our own ah!- Wearing a vest, a straw hat, carrying a basket, taking part in Labour activities!Shuttle through the booths of “Diandian GO” carnival – “Childlike innocence to the Party, one hundred years of elegance” swaying on the stage – wearing Taoist clothes, wearing helmets, struggling “Taekwondo competition” – sitting at the table, book in hand, lang Lang and read that moment…In this opening ceremony, the “dream card” takes gaoqiao Primary School in 2021 6 major events as the picture, with students in 2022 to carry forward the 6 key conduct to the future as the main inscription, hope that children from childhood “have dreams, face the future”!The children walked past the theme wall of “Meta-universe · To the Future” and the longmen of “Little Golden Dragon” to attend the first class of “Salute the anti-epidemic heroes · Welcome the Asian Games in Hangzhou”.The teacher led the students to watch the wonderful moments of the Beijing Winter Olympics and feel the spirit of sports.The video shows the heroic deeds of the anti-epidemic heroes, while interpreting the high school’s spirit of the universe: “Responsibility, persistence, joy, dream, hard work and confidence.”In the song “To the Future”, the children solemnly write down their commitment to the future, and strive to become a better themselves, little by little to realize our dreams.”The future, more love, more expectation.” Each class, each child, sang loudly: “Everybody hold hands.”Clap your hands and do the cup dance.In the palm of the hand rotating only a color of the small cup, “together, together to the future”!In our own way, loudly tell the world that the meta-universe of Takahashi Primary School is “our confidence for the future, that is, to be a better self!”Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)