Jianli Tax Bureau: “tax power” to help “Jingchu good grain and oil” fragrance floating around the country

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Supervise the introduction of products by the staff of Li Mingyu Rice Co., LTD.The correspondent inspects the mingyu rice production line for the tax staff of Jianli Tax Bureau.Correspondent for map Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) (correspondent Gu Guoteng Zou Yan Guo Dongxia) “in the process of our brand to the whole country, ‘tax power’ let us like a tiger with wings added!”Recently in the early morning, a truck loaded with food from the warehouse drove out, rushed to the country’s 25 offline food stores, so that The financial director of Mingyu Rice Co., LTD. Mr. Li felt quite deeply.Jianli Mingyu Rice Co., Ltd. is a provincial key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Hubei province, mainly engaged in rice industrialization development, with total assets of more than 80 million yuan.Jianli Mingyu Rice Co., Ltd. was selected as a demonstration processing enterprise in the tenth batch of national assured grain and Oil demonstration project announced by China Grain Industry Association.In 2021, its rice products “jia Jia He” brand selected “Jingchu good grain and oil”.”The development of enterprises cannot be separated from the support of tax policies. This is my real feeling since I started my business.”Mr. Li, the financial officer of the enterprise, said that since its establishment, the company has enjoyed a number of preferential tax policies such as exemption of enterprise income tax for agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery projects and reduction of enterprise income tax for high-tech enterprises.At the end of last year, we also enjoyed tax deferral of more than 8,000 yuan. Although the amount of preferential treatment is not large, it makes us feel the warmth of the party and the country’s policies to benefit enterprises, and strengthens our confidence in taking root in our hometown and sustainable development.As grain production and processing enterprises, the research and development of new technology is crucial.Rice jianli go yu co., LTD., with the Yangtze university crops rich selenium application technology research institute cooperation, achieve high selenium content in “a white rice varieties and resources screening method” and “the appraisal method of a kind of rice disease resistance breeding materials” invention patents, and by monitoring the government awarded the “agricultural science and technology innovation demonstration base” honor “popular science demonstration base”.However, agricultural science and technology research and development cycle is long, low economic benefits, resulting in capital turnover difficulties, enterprise development once fell into difficulties.After learning the actual situation, jianli city tax department immediately door-to-door counseling tax preferential policies, and help enterprises apply for “silver tax loan”.”With our good tax credit, we applied for a 1 million yuan loan, which greatly relieved our financial pressure.”Mr. Li said.When agriculture developed, farmers benefited most.The enterprise implements the agricultural industrialization mode of “leading enterprise + professional cooperative + production base + poor households”, and has invested more than 10 million yuan to promote poverty alleviation in the agricultural industry, creating a new path of poverty alleviation in the industry while the enterprise is becoming bigger and stronger.”Since the construction of mingyu rice production base, I can find employment at home, which is convenient to take care of my family, and my total income is not lower than working outside. I am very satisfied!”Wang Qiao town, Jianli City, Xinyang Village 8 group zou said.Jianli is the largest agricultural development in the county, in recent years, in order to promote agricultural modernization, jianli city tax for agricultural enterprises, implementation of “project housekeeping system, meet the conditions for preferential agricultural taxpayer, will counselling tracking its preferential declaration, at the same time the door asked to bail out problem solving and provide enterprises with” personalization, specialization “tax service,We will ensure that tax incentives are fully implemented.In the next step, Jianli Tax Bureau will continue to carry out the “Rural revitalization Tax act”, issue guidelines on agriculture-related policies, establish the system of “town grid member”, extend tax services to agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and contribute tax power to the magnificent picture of rural revitalization.Editor: Wang Chun