College students majoring in calligraphy sell “handwritten Spring Festival couplets”, selling 4 pairs in 4 days, netizens help find the reason

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At present, it is the sales season of Spring Festival couplets, and handwritten Spring Festival couplets are more popular, as a college student majoring in calligraphy, selling handwritten Spring Festival couplets has overturned, only 4 pairs in 4 days, causing hot debate, everyone is helping to find the reason……College students returning home for the Spring Festival should not only eat, drink and be merry, but also actively experience life.On the one hand, I can feel the hardship of my parents. On the other hand, I can also combine my major and participate in social practice to accumulate strength for future employment.Having said that, few college students are brave enough to take part in social practice during the winter vacation. A large number of them may choose to stay at home watching TV or playing on the computer.According to the media video, the male student is a senior majoring in calligraphy in a university. After returning home from winter vacation, he wanted to make some money with his major, so he came up with the idea of selling Spring Festival couplets in a shopping mall.But what about the final sale?The boy explained that he was idle at home during the holiday. He just learned calligraphy and practiced it since childhood. He wanted to earn a little money during the winter vacation.At that time, a shopping mall was holding a Spring Festival event, and the organizer told the student that if he came to write for free for one day, he would lend the venue to him. So the student agreed, and the venue would be used for free until January 31, the eve of the Spring Festival.Boys to such an opportunity or very cherish, every day after lunch rushed to the mall to write couplets, afternoon has been adhere to six or seven just leave, estimated that everyone will think, the boy sell couplets income is certainly good.That’s not the truth!Male college students appear very helpless, said he had sold for 4 days, but only sold 4 pairs, a total of less than 100 yuan.Seeing this result, everyone is probably very disappointed. Why does such a meaningful cultural product have no market?Many netizens are helping to find the reason for this. There are three main reasons for this analysis: 1. The words on the Spring Festival couplets are general, which does not match the identity of students majoring in calligraphy.Many netizens think that after studying calligraphy in college for four years, the words on the Spring Festival couplets are very ordinary and thin. Some even think that the words written by the college student are not as good as those written by his 7-year-old son. It can be seen that the main reason why the couplets are not sold is that the words are not good-looking.2. The price of couplets is too high.Careful netizens think that the key reason why four pairs of Spring Festival couplets were sold in four days is that they are too expensive. Four pairs are 100 yuan, and one pair is 25 yuan, which feels a bit expensive.To know the printed Spring Festival couplets, a pair may cost only ten yuan, or even less than 10 yuan.But some people said that the printed couplets have no soul, the Spring Festival couplets or handwritten feeling, 25 yuan a pair is not expensive, the Spring Festival paper and other materials may cost 10 yuan, a little level of handwritten Spring Festival couplets may be hundreds of yuan a pair.The boy’s word is ok, the position and time are wrong.There are also many people who support the university student to continue to write Spring Festival couplets, although the handwriting is not very good, but it still exceeds the level of most people.College students set up stalls in shopping malls to sell handwritten Spring Festival couplets, the location is not right, should be in the street or community, and there are fewer people in the afternoon, should choose the morning time.Coincidentally, a video of another student writing Spring Festival couplets appeared on the Internet at the same time, but the result was different, the girl attracted a large crowd to buy.Judging from the video, people are full of praise for the girl’s handwritten Spring Festival couplets, thinking that the calligraphy is good, and the idea that the girl wants to exercise herself during the winter vacation has won recognition, so the sales phenomenon is hot.Does that really mean male college students are bad at calligraphy?And it was expensive, so it didn’t sell.Since I am not familiar with calligraphy, I just look at it from a non-professional perspective. Boys’ calligraphy is good, but girls’ calligraphy is really better, and the root cause of boys’ selling less may be various.In fact, the spirit of two people selling Spring Festival couplets is worth affirming, even if only one person bought, is also a kind of encouragement, there is no need to be discouraged.College students sell handwritten Spring Festival couplets in winter vacation, which allows us to see the continuation of traditional culture, which is a good phenomenon. As for whether the word writing is good or not, everyone has different evaluation criteria. After all, what we need is only a festive atmosphere, not professional calligraphy works.Today’s topic: How to evaluate the Spring Festival couplets of college students?