5th Anniversary of New Scientific Knowledge!Butterfly changes make Xiongan ‘smarter’

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Five years ago, a spring thunder fell in Xiongan, Hebei province.The CPC Central Committee and The State Council decided to establish the Xiongan New Area in Hebei province.A magnificent picture, spread out slowly…In another vibrant spring, the urban framework of Xiongan New Area has been fully opened. “Xiongan Science and Technology” is providing acceleration for the construction of “Innovation City”, and the Xiongan New Area has become more “intelligent” after the butterfly change.At the end of March, the xiongan Urban Computing (Supercomputing Cloud) Center on Baita Road in The Xiongan New Area saw that the three-story main structure had been capped.It will become an important support for the construction of “smart Xiongan”, as well as the “brain”, “eye” and “core” of the digital twin city of the New Area.”As the base of Xiongan smart City, the supercomputing cloud adopts a compatible and open technical architecture, supports one cloud and multiple cores, and can realize the unified scheduling of heterogeneous computing forces such as cloud computing and edge computing, forming a new urban computing system.”Liu Xin, deputy general manager of Xiongan Digital City Corporation, said the supercomputing cloud will carry core data and government applications for the new area, and build a full-domain intelligent environment.Arriving at the construction site of Xiongan Xuanwu Hospital project, the reporter experienced a “construction management on the finger tip” — focusing on the safety belt buckles on workers 500 meters away through 2,023 times zoom hd camera in the control room.”The construction machine has not only an eye, but also a mouth. The intelligent monitoring system on the crane can send a report on the operation of the first day to the management every morning.”Zhao Yuhua, project manager of Xiongan Xuanwu Hospital of Beijing Construction Engineering Co., LTD., said that by scanning the QR code of the smart construction system with your mobile phone, you can get the information of personnel of a particular type of work, scan the QR code on the components of the construction site, and call up the 3D model of the site.Located in The Rongdong Electric Power customer service Center on Lemin Street in Rongdong District, reporters were told that it is the first smart low-carbon power customer service center in The Xiongan New Area.Rongdong Electric Power Customer Service Center.”We have installed 1,154 sensing devices on the building, realizing the full life cycle management of interconnection of various intelligent subsystems and unified monitoring and scheduling of equipment.”Yang Botao, deputy director of the Xiongan New Area Power Supply Company office of State Grid, introduced that AI technology was used to control water, electricity, heat and cold in buildings and guide employees to use green energy through carbon credits.Later, the reporter saw in the Jucun substation that the park green space replaced the tall and cold facilities of the original substation. On the ground of the landscape corridor, there is a piezoelectric walkway paved by 220 power generation tiles, and electricity can be generated when walking on it.Sitting on the space chair placed in the hall, listening to the operation description of the inspection DRONE’s automatic homing and charging, and looking at the drone overhead light on the roof, people get a sense of science and technology.Through the sand table model of “smart Xiongan”, we can not only see the beautiful scenery of xiongan, the “city of the future”, but also know that the wind in Zhangbei can not only light up the lights of Beijing, but also light up the lights of Xiongan.”Every road, every pipe and even every steel beam in the new district has a corresponding digital model in the BIM system.”A person in charge of the Xiongan New Area Smart City Innovation Federation said that the digital city in Xiongan New Area is planned and built simultaneously with the physical city, and smart infrastructure is appropriately advanced.In the construction of the start-up zone 128 project, “the successful implementation of the long section and large tonnage prefabricated composite pipe gallery pilot project in the new zone has filled the technological gap in the construction of composite pipe gallery in the world”.Zhang Wenming, head of the project of the start-up area of China Xiongan Group Foundation Company, told science and Technology Daily that the overall steel cage skeleton hanger developed by the stereotyped mold has broken through the technical problems of easy deformation and difficult balance in the hoisting of large tonnage box structure steel cage.Workers are installing pipe gallery.The operation of the comprehensive management corridor in the new district applies an intelligent management information platform with equipment monitoring and early warning functions.Using AP box and 5G wireless private network, the monitoring personnel can remotely control the geomagnetic track navigation inspection vehicle through the visual platform.From an aerial view, the Xiongan Station looks like dew on a lotus leaf. Wang Fei, planning leader of the Construction Department of China Xiongan Group Foundation Company, told reporters that it is a comprehensive three-dimensional transportation hub. “The xiongan Station has applied cutting-edge technologies such as intelligent management system and VR simulation.”A rendering of xiongan Station.In terms of sound insulation and noise reduction of high-speed railway, the reporter learned that in order to realize the “silent” high-speed train through residential areas, the Beijing-Xiongcheng intercity railway Guba bridge section was wearing a pair of “noise reduction headphones”.”Unlike common noise barriers on expressways, the jingxiong sound barrier looks more like a tunnel on a high-speed train.”Zhang Tengfei, chief project engineer of The Construction company of China Railway Shanghai Engineering Bureau, said the fully enclosed sound barrier project benefited from the comprehensive application of multiple technologies.In terms of software, in accordance with the concept of travel as a service, “we have developed xiongan Xing App, which integrates flexible connections and other services.”Li Qingshan, deputy general manager of China Xiongan Group Transportation Co., LTD., introduced that a new intelligent transportation system based on real-time perception, instantaneous response and intelligent decision making is constructed with data flow integration as the core and iot sensing technology as the support.In order to give full play to innovative factor resources, Hebei has taken active responsibility.”Focusing on the construction of smart city in Xiongan New Area and the major livelihood needs, we adopted the method of ‘opening the list and leading the charge’ in the first batch in the province, and pooled the advantages inside and outside the province to promote the formation of underground comprehensive pipe gallery construction technology integration scheme, and successfully delivered it, providing strong scientific and technological support for the construction of ‘Future City’ comprehensive pipe gallery.”Hebei Province science and technology Department party secretary, director Long Fenjie told science and technology daily reporters.Today, Xiongan New Area is building itself into a high-quality “city of innovation” with “smart genes”. A “city of the future” that is “fantastic and desirable” is speeding up to us.Original title: xiongan becomes Smarter after Butterfly Change