21 crown!Turnaround!Over 5 hours!Five sets!The 35-year-old Nadal won his second Australian Open title

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The Australian Open men’s singles final has just ended, world number two Dmitry Medvedev against world number five Rafael Nadal.This is the fifth direct meeting between the two players. Nadal has a 3-1 advantage in their previous four meetings, most recently in the 2020 year-end final, which Medvedev won.The Australian Open final meet again, Nadal with a big comeback performance to beat Medvedev.Nadal served first in the opening set and the first four games were tied 2-2.Since then the first set of the game was controlled by Medvedev, the latter even broke with the next four games, including the fifth and seventh game Medvedev is love game break, 6:2, Medvedev easily won the first set.The second set was much tighter than the first.Nadal served first and both sets were level at 1-1.Nadal then went on to break three games in a row, including a love game in the fifth, 4-1, as the Spaniard built an advantage.But Medvedev even broke the bureau points to catch up to 3:4.Nadal broke again in the eighth game, but Medvedev broke again in the ninth and then saved again to level the set at 5-5.Then two sets each successfully save, 6-6 tie into the tiebreaker.In the tiebreak, after an early see-saw tie at 5-5, Medvedev won the tiebreak 7-5, winning the second set 7-6 (5).The third set of the game, is still a seesaw war, Medvedev took the lead, the first eight bureau two people are successful hair, including the third bureau, the fifth bureau Medvedev is love game hair, 4:4 even.Nadal made the crucial break in the ninth game and saved with a love game in the 10th as the Spaniard came back 6-4.In the fourth set, Medvedev served the first two games, the two men successfully saved the first two games, then the two sides broke each other three games, nadal again successfully saved the sixth game to take a 4-2 lead.Nadal went on to win the next four games, including the seventh and 10th in love games, 6-4 to take the second set.The tiebreaker game, medvedev is still the first to serve, the first four rounds of both sides of the success of hair, including the third and fourth rounds of two people are love game hair, the two sides 2-2 draw.Nadal then won two games in a row to build a 4-2 lead.Then the three bureau of their successful hair, the seventh bureau of Medvedev is love game hair, the tenth bureau of Medvedev to complete the key break will be tied 5:5.But Nadal broke Medvedev in the 11th game and saved with a love game in the 12th to win the tiebreaker 7-5.Nadal won his second Australian Open title and became the first player since Novak Djokovic to win 21 Grand Slam titles in a stunning 5 hours and 25 minutes.