During the russia-Ukraine conflict, the British media suddenly “named” Scotland, but also dragged China

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As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, many in the West are talking about their own security.The Times quoted defense experts as saying that Scotland is likely to be the focus of attacks in the event of a conflict with Russia, and that Scottish independence would be a “gift package” for Putin.This report mainly quoted from the Royal United Services Institute for Defence Research (RUSI) report, the report pointed out that the sea north of Scotland is a strategic location, and at present the UK’s nuclear weapons and other important military equipment are deployed in Scotland, making this area has become a strategic location for the UK and even the whole NATO.But for all its strategic importance, Scotland’s politics are tricky.The authors of the report say the growing independence sentiment has strengthened the Scottish National Party, which has long advocated independence, and that the possibility of secession from the United Kingdom cannot be discounted.In the event of a “yes” vote, Scotland would not only demand the withdrawal of various military installations deployed in the UK, but also possibly undertake large-scale disarmament.The authors argue that Russia is likely to take advantage of Scotland’s indigenous armed forces before they become effective.”A conflict between Scotland and the UK central government would then be a gift to hostile powers such as Russia, with potentially significant implications for the defence and security of Europe as a whole,” the authors write.But in light of recent events, it is clear that The Times’s motivation for quoting the paper at this time is not purely an academic or military issue.Spring elections will begin in mid-April across the United Kingdom, and Scotland will have more than a month to decide which party will have the most seats in parliament, according to multiple reports.So far, the SNP’s lead in the local vote is impressive.As a result, The Times by Russia to Ukraine to carry out special military action, “the Russian threat” to the west feeling is strong, throw “if Scottish independence, is the major threat to European security”, seemed to Russia by the work, and to the Scottish independence forces propaganda propaganda work done highly integrated,Successfully achieved the “export to domestic sales”.Of course, we work on how to carry out their British counterparts don’t have any different opinions, but, this report in order to strengthen the “overseas power threat to the west” oppressive feeling, also in the paper tore in, China also said in Iceland, Norway and other parts of China to buy a large amount of assets, to as an “outpost of local military presence in the future”, this is a bit exaggerated.After all, the Chinese authorities did not incite the independence of any part of the UK, nor did they distort the riots in the UK into “democratic protests” or “landscapes”. In the words of some Chinese netizens, there are no foreign forces in the Scottish issue of the UK.Mars?In order to “knock” Scotland, China and Russia were suddenly involved, and the “Russian threat theory” and “China threat theory” were both fried together. This reminds me of the classic line of Mr. White in the Teahouse: Is it still a small blessing to have two great powers serve me?