Sword net 3 multi-player favorite pets that only need one copy to get

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In Swordnet 3, there is a very cute chicken named Jixiaomeng,At present, the pet can only obtain this copy by swiping the copy. In the upper left corner of The Boundless Palace on the map, we only need to hit his old boss, Peach Leaf Fairy, to obtain the key of the evil gubao boxFirst of all, we choose 5 people ordinary difficulty into the copy of the small monster on the road because only 71 level (copy is the old copy) so you can directly hit the past, not afraid of losing blood we follow this road directly to the first boss can only one boss, called peach leaf fairy we don’t have to be afraid,You can even press the Y key to open up the crypto and see if there’s a copy of the achievement you can make. You just click on the avatar of the achievement you want to make, and a url pops up that tells you how to make the achievement. There’s also some comments from people and some of the tips haven’t been updated because of the age,The comments will be more readable to tell players how to do this achievement then we just killed the boss can be a boss to say for a while after we need to wait for the middle of the field plot will appear we demand the wicked GuBao box key and follow the route for a walk to the tree hole I tag, select a box casually,And then open line with luck is an egg hatched chicken (the small sprout) worse luck is 1 gold and then players can take off equipment, dashed back to camp out, to reset the number of times to brush only need one have ever stone can reset the number of copies have ever stone can be in the city proper by spending 2 prestige or chivalrous value change, such asIs about 100 gold a player can also automatically refresh rather then waiting for 16 hours a day can brush a player has some pve gear can also try to play five people hero, but the way to the old one need jump mountain for small blame is the class of 110, direct play very hard Hope every player can out of the pet