In Conquest, Why didn’t Liu Huaqiang kick Out Li Mei when he knew she was dragging her feet?5 reasons for helplessness

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In order to domestic anti-mafia drama, “Conquer” should be a more classic, in addition to the villain Liu Huaqiang’s imperious, and anti-reconnaissance force is a hotspot, the drama also added emotional drama, both Liu Huaqiang and Li Mei’s emotional entanglement.Li mei is the important character li li’s sister, li li is the whole facts of the driving force of the original hua-qiang liu shooting victims, and Li Liyou is a certain relationship, and then in hua-qiang liu and li li contact met li mei, while not specifically describe how li mei and hua-qiang liu together slowly, but from the li mei will know of the past,Li Mei is very lack of care and love, in need of a capable, courageous, or sister hate man, as their object.Here, li mei was very badly hurt sister lily, li li for the business, the younger sister to marry the son of a leader, and the man is a disabled people, such as li mei so young was destroyed, so in li mei heart, is very bitter elder sister, and she was unable to resist, is not to protect her people, the emergence of hua-qiang liu,A ray of sunshine for Li Mei.Although everyone knows hua-qiang liu is a bludger, but li mei personally, has for the past hurts man yearned for this kind of biting, deformed think hua-qiang liu has a bear, is the yes, so she knew liu hua lawyer are all illegal business deals, but she has a rebellious impulse, at least in the original is such, subsequent li mei is supposed to be some repent,From have a child, to have no child, to know Liu Huaqiang murder, Li Mei is more and more disappointed.Liu huaqiang was eventually caught because Li Mei repeatedly leaked information between Liu Huaqiang and Li Li, leading to police clues.If Li Mei is such a drag, why doesn’t Liu Huaqiang get rid of her?After all he also is to Li Li beginning disorderly abandon eventually, of course Li Li does not like Liu Huaqiang, the substantial relation between two people is trade only, each take what he needs.And Liu Huaqiang also have marriage, there is a wife and daughter, just because protect their safety, so divorce, but for ex-wife and daughter Liu Huaqiang or very care, never treated economically, know that he was arrested by the police, but also try to give daughter’s birthday.But even if such, Liu Huaqiang still puts down wife and daughter, fugitive tianya, why do not have to Li Mei, be like li Mei really, why not consider her safety, taking her to run around even, no matter the problem that exposes from oneself, still be the safety problem of Li Mei, should Liu Huaqiang think way to settle Li Mei?In fact, there are five reasons that are very helpless:First, li mei without hua-qiang liu is not hua-qiang liu won’t, have several times to go to li mei, but li mei does not walk, she is really cannot leave hua-qiang liu, sister is her most hated people, every time I saw li li, li mei will think of the shadow of his first marriage, in addition to this, li mei is the only love his niece,But for her, Li Li’s child was not of any real help and needed her to take care of it.However, liu Huaqiang brings Li Mei happiness, and peace of mind, no one can compare, therefore, even if Liu Huaqiang represents danger, Li Mei is willing to dance with the Wolf.Second, afraid of Li Mei accident since clearly know That Li Mei is to regard themselves as the only rely on, so they leave, Li Mei will inevitably go to extremes, Liu Huaqiang is clear in the mind, Li Mei and his wife and daughter are different, his wife and daughter can not see themselves, the most is miss, did not say that can not live.Because they don’t really know what they’re doing, and they live safely in the sun.But Li Mei is not, she is withdrawn, and does not like to contact people, Liu Huaqiang is the only person she is willing to talk to, without Liu Huaqiang, Li Mei can not live.Third, li mei leave their exposure faster Li Meitai hua-qiang liu love, even if really leave, can also go to extremes, but the extreme is not necessarily taking his own life, also because too miss hua-qiang liu, to secretly looking for him, more easily found by the police surveillance, hua-qiang liu don’t silly, take li mei is the most trouble some, but if you really let her go, themselves more scary.Fourth, hua-qiang liu really love li mei li mei love of hua-qiang liu hua-qiang liu is in the other woman without experience, other whether li li, or wife, hide away, can’t is legitimate when with himself, lest they do affect their life and career, these people for the hua-qiang liu too reality.And Li Mei is different, she knows Liu Huaqiang is a bad man, after being caught, absolutely is imprisoned and shot, but Li Mei does not care, for love is desperate, as Liu Huaqiang, to Li Mei has moved and admire, so he is more reluctant.Fifth, contain Li Li although there is love for Li Mei, but Liu Huaqiang is not completely without a little other ideas, Li Li and Li Mei are relatives, Li Li helped Liu Huaqiang, in addition to Li Li instil Liu Huaqiang to kill, there is an important reason, because Li Mei, his own sister.Li Li still attaches more importance to the family, and had a guilty feeling for Li Mei, so this time although do not want to let Li Mei and Liu Huaqiang together, but he once gave her to others for interests, this li Mei think Liu Huaqiang is the best man for her, Li Li can not say what.But she is clear, Liu Huaqiang will not be without reason so dead also want to take Li Mei, but contain themselves, to get police information, and escape funds.She knows, he is Liu Huaqiang’s ATM, Liu Huaqiang did not work formally, before doing is stealing and kidnapping, no money to feed Li Mei, burden escape problem, Li Li is clear, Liu Huaqiang is also clear, he knows, took Li Mei, Li Li basic dare not act rurally.Finally Li Li betrays them, because the police knows everything, she wants to conceal also cannot conceal, and oneself still have a daughter, compare younger sister, the daughter is more important, what’s more, herself also wants to let Li Mei leave Liu Huaqiang.And this, Li Mei may not really do not understand, but the front said she loves Liu Huaqiang, and hate Li Li, can contain Li Li, can protect her beloved Liu Huaqiang, also can let Li Li afraid, money, also is to let her achieve revenge Li Li once hurt her purpose.”Conquer” : Liu Huaqiang knows that Li Mei drags, why not drive her away?5 reasons for helplessness.If you have any different views on this, please share them in the comments. 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